Ultimate Guide for Budget Shopping in Dubai

Ultimate Guide for Budget Shopping in Dubai

Dubai may be the only destination in the world that has something for everyone. No doubt this is a popular tourist destination. Millions of tourists land here every year. Despite its reputation as a business hub and tourist attraction it has a lot to offer for shopping lovers.

So if you are passionate about shopping but low on a budget this article is actually written for you. What if you have plenty of money even then it always feels great to save some extra
bucks. To save your time this article has been divided into sub-sections with headings so that you can quickly find the product of your interest and don’t have to read the complete articles. Let
me share a secret with you. You will find the bonus shopping tips at the end of this article.


Meena Bazar in Bar Dubai is the ideal place to buy electronics. Even if you are looking for a cell phone like an iPhone or Samsung, this is the best place to buy mobiles in Dubai. Electronic
gadgets are also available at very comparative prices.

Gift and Souvenirs

It is very natural to buy gifts and souvenirs for your loved ones back home. The best option is the gift village. The good thing about this is that it is available at multiple locations.so there must
be one around you all you need to do is to do a little search on the net. Gifts and Souvenirs are available here really on very cheap prices,

Bags / Dresses and Cosmetics

An economical alternative to buying bags, dresses, and cosmetics is Naif Market. You can find deep and wide assortments of products here. Do remember to bargain, the secret tip is prices
are a bit high here for the tourists. A small effort can save you a handsome amount of money.


This is something you cannot miss. The musk of Arab. Burn it in a Bakhoor burner and make the memories of your trip alive whenever you want.


If you are a Date lover then you should visit the waterfront market. Situated in Deira Dubai you can find it near Gold Souk. Do remember that this is a great place to shop if you want to buy
dates in large quantities, otherwise, you can buy dates from any superstore in Dubai.

Gold Ornaments

Dubai is known for the best variety and quality of gold arguments. Don’t forget to visit Gold Souk. plenty of products is waiting for you here. Don’t forget the limit your home country imposes regarding gold ornaments. In the majority of the countries, you need to pay the tax after a certain limit.


Visit the Perfume Souk in Deira to buy perfumes at cheap prices. Many shops offer cheap alternatives to expensive branded perfumes. And don’t remember to bargain here too.
Discounted Brands This is your chance to get the branded products at a lower price. Try searching “Brands for Less”. These stores are available in Dubai at multiple locations. Another option is “Dubai Outlet Mall” if you want to purchase the goods in a larger quantity then this must be the right choice for you. Do remember that it is situated far away from the city and is not connected with public transport. So if you plan to buy many things then this can be an economical choice for you. Otherwise don’t consider it a good option.

Global Village

It is really difficult to visit all the countries in the world but here in Dubai you can visit the Global Village and can buy different products from the stalls of the different countries which is not
possible otherwise. Do remember to bargain here too.


How can one forget about chocolates? You know these are UAE-based and are really tasty. Available at multiple locations search for Roastery and you will find the nearest location to buy
chocolates. Chocolates are available in the stores but we recommend you to try Roastery as you will get plenty of options on comparative rates here.

Bonus Tips

Here are the bonus tips as promised

  • Enjoy Big Discounts at Dubai Shopping Festival by Visiting Dubai from 19 Dec to 30 Jan.
  • If you are an electronics lover then the Gitex festival in Dubai is for you

Happy shopping and enjoy your trip to Dubai. Don’t forget to visit us again for more interesting and updated information.