Tips To Keep Your Pool Clean By Using A Pool Filter Box

Swimming pools are loved by everyone but the most important task is to maintain cleanliness in the swimming pool. A dirty pool can be harmful to your health as it can lead to many skin allergies and other issues. So pool filters are used to clean the pool.

With the technology change, there are pool filter box that are soundproof and can be installed very quickly. So using a pool filter box can be a good option if you want to install a filter in your pool. Keeping your swimming pool clean and tidy can be a tough job, for which you can hire a swimming pool cleaning service. The pool water needs to be balanced and cleaned all the time. Various kinds of chemicals are used to keep the water clean but most important of all is the pool filter.

What Is A Pool Filter?

A pool filter is used to clear the dirt and debris that gets into the water. So pool filter helps to keep the water clean.

Different Types Of Filters

Different types of filters are used in pools such as:

  • Sand Filter
  • Cartridge Filter
  • De Filters

So in this article, we will discuss various steps to keep your filter clean:

1. Pool filter gauge:

So it’s the first step to clean the filter is to keep a check on the readings of the pressure gauge because after a certain time lots of dirt gets gathered into the filter and with the help of readings of pressure gauge one can determine that filter needs to be cleaned.

2. Remove the filter:

After removing the filter carefully the next step is to wash it. Rinse the water to remove dirt and grime or you can also spray on the pleats of the filter. 

3. TSP solution:

After rinsing it with water now filter needs to be soaked in a tsp solution for better cleaning. 

4. Muriatic acid:

The next step is to give the filters a muriatic acid to clean them nicely because the filter contains certain minerals, algae iron, and dust particles.

5. Spraying:

It’s important to spray the filters once again to check there are no oil and dust particles left in the filter.

6. Reinstall the filter:

Now after all the cleaning has been done it’s time to reinstall the filter to enjoy clean and tidy water.

Why Is It Important To Clean The Filters?

It is very much important to clean the filters as dirty water can lead to many harmful diseases. Also, pool water starts to stink after a few days so the filter prevents the water from getting dirty. 

Which Is The Best Pool Filter?

All the pool filters are good if regularly cleaned. Cleaning the pool filters helps you to keep your pool looking great the whole year long. So whether you use sand, d.e or cartridge filter is up to the wish of the pool owner. 

So, from the above article, it is clear that it’s very important to clean your pool filter regularly to protect yourself from harmful diseases. The above-given steps will help you to easily clean your pool filter.   Pool filter box helps to install the filter without any nuts or bolts making the process simple and quick. Cleaning the pool filter is not a tough task. The pool filter needs to be cleaned 3-4 times a year.