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Time To Book: Easter Day Flight Deals & Offer

Vacation sound fun but taking them during the festival season can be tough as flight demands are at all times high in that period. Which leads to the cost of flight getting sometimes even doubling or tripling. Thus, to make the best use of your easter day vacation, you can check the airline’s website or browse through the internet to find out the search engine like – Airlinesmap that offer kind of options where you can easily compare the prices of the different airline tickets to get the best Easter day flight deal and offers.

How To Get Cheap Easter Day Flights 2023?

Looking for cheap easter day flight deals? However, the Airlinesmap is a great place to book your Easter day flight. As it will lead you to find the best flights that can take you to your favourite destination and saves you a lot of time by doing all your research for you. Apart from comparing flight prices, choosing an airline, applying filters for the time you want to book your flight, and much more, you can also compare the prices of different flights.

Why Is Easter Day celebrated?

Easter Day is famous as one of the major festivals of the Christian community. And celebrates the resurrection of Jesus on the third day after his crucifixion. People all over the world celebrate Easter on a Sunday between March 22nd and April 25, depending on the date of the full moon according to the spring equinox. Easter has acquired a lot of customs over the years but easter eggs are one of the most popular customs of Easter in which people colour eggs and tell the tale of the rabbit who decorates and hides eggs. Apart from easter eggs, Easter Day parades are quite popular all around the world.

Best Time To Book Easter Day Flights

As the festival of Easter lies between March and April, the best month to book an easter day flight is the last days of February month and the beginning days of March as the airlines start to offer more than 20% discounts to passengers travelling around the Easter holiday. So, if you are planning to travel in April to meet your loved one or just going on vacation, February is the best time to book the tickets.

Major Airlines Offering Discounts for Easter Day

Here are the major airlines that apart from providing world-class amenities to their passengers also, provide huge discounts in/ around Easter to make it possible for a lot of people to meet their loved ones on the festival and enjoy the festivities:

  • Southwest Airlines
  • Sun Country Flights
  • Delta Airlines Flights
  • Spirit Airlines
  • Westjet Airlines
  • United Airlines

Best Places To Visit During Easter Days

As Easter lies between March and April, the best places to visit during this time would be sunny destinations loaded with beaches and beautiful architecture. Here we have mentioned all the places that you can visit during the Easter season:

  • Egypt
  • Europe
  • Greece
  • New York
  • Washington DC
  • Paris
  • New Orleans

Tips To Grab More Discounts on flights near Easter:

  • Choose a time in which most people don’t like to travel much like an early morning flight or a late night flight for a cheap easter weekend flight.
  • Fly on the weekdays over the weekends as airlines tend to charge extra for a weekend flight.
  • Select low-cost airlines instead like Spirit and frontier airlines rather than going for high-end airlines.
  • Do not add extra legroom seats or extra amenities while booking the ticket as airlines tend to charge more for those facilities.
  • Buy your ticket using a credit card that offers point/cashback or discounts on booking a flight.
  • Compare the cost of the flight ticket on websites like – AirlinesMap, Kayak, Expedia, etc to find cheap flights to travel.
  • Using the loyalty point provided by the airlines to make the cost of your flight less
  • Book connecting flights instead of direct flights to save money on your Easter Day booking.
  • Sign up for booking alerts by the airline so that the airlines can send you mail when there is a discount available on flight bookings.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Do airlines provide discounts during Easter?

Yes, the airlines provide discounts of up to 20% during Easter. You can always find the details of the discount on the airline’s website.

Q: Is it a good idea to book a flight in February for the Easter holidays?

Yes, it is a great idea to book your flight in February for the Easter holidays as you will get cheaper flights.

Q: When should I start looking for Easter trip deals and how can I get cheap flights around Easter?

You can look for easter deals from the start of February month on different airlines by comparing websites and booking your ticket accordingly.

Q: Is it a good idea to book cheap flights for Easter weekend itself?

If you want to book cheap flights for Easter you should book flights during the weekdays rather than the weekend.