India is a place where faith in humanity is restored every now and then; regardless of whatever bad incidents that go on happening across the country. One such instance, experienced by Shrikant Singh, a Bengaluru based Amazon employee, does exactly that. A few days ago, he took an Uber to get home and the driver turned out to be an IIT-K Graduate and the story he had to tell, totally blew Mr. Shrikant’s mind.

The Facebook post by Mr. Shrikant went viral overnight and here’s what it has to say.

While returning late from office yesterday, I had an encounter with one of the most inspiring men I have ever met.
Anandji (my uber driver) : “Hi, how was your day?” (in superbly fluent English)
Me: (slightly stunned) : “I am good, thank you Sir..”
Post a couple of office calls, I settle down for the long ride home
Anandji :”So how long do you think this ecommerce bubble will last? ”
Me: (more stunned)” dunno Sir, I have my own issues to worry about than this”
Me: “Sir, what’s your deal.. You don’t seem to be the average uber driver”
Anandji: “Ohh I am an IIT K graduate from 1986. I was working out of the US and India for the past 30 years and I gave it all up to do my own entrepreneurial stuff. I now have 50 cars plying with Uber and I have a couple of strawberry farms in Mysore”
Me:”So then why are you yourself driving this car around ”
Anandji :” Ohh this car met with an accident a few days back and my uber driver died. His family is too proud to take money, so I figured the only way I can help is to drive the car on his behalf and let the income from Uber keep flowing. And I feel happy doing this”
I don’t feel ashamed saying I cried a little..

Incredible India!