India Top General On China: ‘Larger Conflict Can’t Be Discounted’

The SCO and the conflict between India and Pakistan

The SCO and the conflict between India and Pakistan

What is SCO?

The Shanghai corporation organization or SCO is a rising power in the international politics of Asia. This organization is set up for one reason. That is to increase and consolidate the powers of two major regional players namely China and Russia. These two major players on the world stage have moved world politics quite a bit in recent years.
They have impacted many countries and established changes to many policies through Asia. These policy changes have led to a more resolute and consolidated group of countries. These countries have now broken the shackles of western influence. This has the west and other current world regimes baffled. The SCO and the conflict between India and Pakistan is the greatest dispute of our time and the one who solves it would end up governing future politics.


The top agenda in the sights of such an organization is the conflict that is the second biggest conflict on the face of the planet after the USA vs Russia. This refers to the series of disputes and conflicts between the two neighboring nations of India and Pakistan. These countries have been at odds since their creation. They are both nuclear-armed nations with a very bad track record of peace. Any instability in this region will mean an unstable Asia or East. This is detrimental to the international plans of both China and Russia not to mention that a nuclear war on any scale is terrible. It can turn into a world war at any moment.
So, this gives these two countries a special status that keeps the eyes of the world fixed on them. The nation which can incur favor from both sides might as well rule the world in the future. This is what’s puts these two at top of the list of any foreign relations organization.


They have fought in 3 major wars and many small conflicts over the years. This is noteworthy because during the wars both nations were never armed with nuclear arsenals. These days any conflict that arises from these two borders makes world headlines quite easily. This is due to the imminent threat of a nuclear response from both sides. That’s why it is so necessary to keep both these emerging nations at peace. The root of the conflict stems from an unjust and unfair separation which lead to many deaths of both Hindus and Muslims alike. This violence and mass killings lead to bad blood between the two nations which is still present in the policy-making of both nations.


On the ground, realities dictate that the people of both nations have many things in common. This includes a similar culture language and way of life. On a structural level, both countries are plagued by poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, and over population. Which gives rise to civil unrest. To quench this unrest both governments have no other choice but to play into the politics of the US vs THEM. This helps to keep the countries running. These policies drive the need for a change in both nations. Both are peace-loving nations that require financial and table talk solutions to the conflicts. The military solutions would leave a world of devastation for both. That is why the role of SCO serves as an arbitrator or helper.
This organization hopes to engage both parties and develop a working framework of peace that is acceptable for both sides.  


The particulars of the organization are only known to the people running it but their playbook is common knowledge. They hope to engage both nations through bilateral channels. Through these channels, they hope to set up talks over the many disputes. They hope for results using a successful mechanism for dispute resolution among the primary members. This could mean the lowering of border tension especially the line of control in the disputed region of Kashmir. These disputes or border tension might lead to small-scale escalations which can get out of hand. The organization is geared towards the prevention of such cases.
The Second aspect that they tackle is the opening of bilateral dialogue and trade. This could be done by establishing confidence-building measures for both sides. Both nations on governmental levels have an opportunity to establish a peace that is built on solid foundations. The main focus of the SCO is getting these two sovereign nations to handle disputes through open dialogue rather than military responses. These efforts can be bolstered with the help of other SCO members. The major task of these measures is to make sure that an open dialogue is established.
This is done to prevent the use of misinformation or other interferences for escalating any disputes. If both nations can resolve small disputes through open dialogues then there is hope for the resolution of major issues like Kashmir.


FOR The SCO, the conflict between India and Pakistan. Is a major hurdle in the work towards making this the Asian century. An open and prosperous Asia including these two nations means the opening of the old silk round which made trade possible through the world by land.
If such a feat is accomplished it would increase the happiness of the world by tenfold. The increase of trade and commerce from this region means the economic prosperities of all nations along the line of trade. This route starts from the Siberian plain of Russia and ends at the southernmost tip of South Africa. This old route was established long before any of these nations came into being. All the world except a few countries resides on this route.
If this is established it would cut down travel time and fares by half and this means that economic growth will skyrocket around the world. This is the goal of the SCO to make this dream come true.