The Many Benefits of Having a Food Dehydrator

Nowadays, dehydration is considered as one of the least expensive and easiest methods of stocking up food. Use fresh foods without putting additives and know what your loved ones are eating. Save your family some money by creating your very own dried herbs, fruits and meats at home.

What Is a Food Dehydrator

Designed to have the most controlled environment for drying, a commercial food dehydrator consistently delivers that perfect temperature together with heated air which freely moves via fan or blower. It usually comes with a tray and liner for dehydrating small, sticky foods and fruit leather. Now, you can dry meats, vegetables and fruits with minimal fuss as you do household chores, sleep or go to work.

Once the food is dried, allow it first to cool down and then pack it loosely in glass jars, hard plastic containers or plastic bags. Using airtight containers is the best if you are preparing for long-term preservation. Aside from being great snacks at home, dehydrated foods are also perfect when backpacking or camping because refrigeration is not required.

Top Things to Make Using a Food Dehydrator

  1. Sweet Potato Flour
  2. Coconut Flour
  3. Fruit Leather
  4. Kale Chips
  5. Salmon Jerky
  6. Beef Heart Jerky


Food hydrators offer numerous benefits to the users. Though shelf life relies on the storage method and food type used, its use can make foods last for at least a year or more. More importantly, a food dehydrator can retain as much as 95% of the nutrients. It is economical to use and can save you money. Just imagine buying fresh vegetables and fruits at discounted prices and then dehydrating them for future consumption.

You can also use this machine to dehydrate fish and meat and turn them into delicious jerky treats. Use it to make beef, turkey or chicken strips which you can easily feed to your pets. When winter comes, you can still enjoy eating fresh vegetables and fruits. It also allows you to eat more homegrown foods all year long.

If you wish to create a compact food storage, you can buy a food dehydrator. This will allow you to store bulky items in a tighter space. This is especially great if you are about to take trips. The dehydration process does not compromise the taste of food because only the water is removed and not the flavor. With this, you can still enjoy the full flavor of food.

Where to Find a Food Dehydrator Online

I’ve searched many online stores in search for a top food dehydrator but nothing beats the satisfaction I got after checking out some products at the online lifestyle store Mytopia. They have a pretty fine collection out there. After some careful thinking, I’ve decided to try the Euro-Chef Electric Food Dehydrator and has not been disappointed ever since. It has seven layers with durable transparent plastic and easily removable trays for easy cleaning. More importantly, I like it a lot because it dries food effectively and evenly. So far, I’ve used it for drying meat, herbs, vegetables and fruit.