Chief Minister Nara Chandra Babu Naidu wrote a letter to Central Coal, Power, new and renewable energy Minister Piyush Goyal regarding the “coal blocks” present in Krishna Basin of Andhra Pradesh last year in August.

AP CM Mr.Naidu reviewed the status of coal blocks allotted to APGENCO and APMDC in his camp office in Lakeview Guest House. The Chief minister was informed about it that the Ministry of coal, government of India, has alloted Nuagon Telisahi(Odisha), Suliyari Belwar(Madhya Pradesh)and Srapal Naupara(Odisha) to APNGENCO and APMDC. The officials just briefed the status of coal blocks in Andhra Pradesh to Chief Minister.

APMDC has informed the Chief Minister that 1000 million MT of coal reserves are available in coal fields falling in West Godavari and Krishna district in southern sub-basin of Chintalapudi. The Chief Minister then immediately asked them to get Geological Survey and asked for action plan immediately.

In the letter to Power and Energy minister and Government of India, Mr.Naidu mentioned that the Krishna Basin of Andhra Pradesh has three coal blocks which are under Singareni Coal Mines. We here request to transfer those coal blocks which are in Andhra Pradesh from Singareni coal mines to Andhra Pradesh government’s new coal mine corporation. As per the amendment made in 1950 prescribes that the allotment of coal mines will be only under the central government. We request you to please allot that belongings to AP government, also mentioned that Andhra Pradesh government will undertake this joining hands with Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation. CM also mentioned that he had a meet with Central Mine and Planning committee on this particular issue and stressed on the point to make the three “coal blocks” free from Singareni which are under it at present, so that Andhra Pradesh government make use of it by making the trade of our own. This suggestion to trade by ourself was put forth by CMPDI committee.”

In response to the letter from Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Piyush Goshal asked the authorities of Singareni to give explanation on that issue. The Singareni authorities in reply expressed a great disagreement about it. The authorities say that the Exploration committee which is under them have invested around 100 crores to find out the coal mining places in Krishna Godavari Basin in the combined Andhra Pradesh and  those mines in Andhra Pradesh belong to Singareni of Telangana. This claim has put the allotment in halt and is another issue in Center’s court to solve with consultations. After the bifurcation, Andhra Pradesh is left with no Coal Mines and this newly found coal mines are the only ray of hope for AP to mine coal. Andhra Pradesh government is making required arguments to get the rights on the Coal Mines in Godavari and Krishna basin of Andhra Pradesh winning over Singareni and Government of Telangana.