Delhi is the only state in India where people speak 18 languages including English. The migration to the National Capital took off after independence and the first ones to move to Delhi are the Punjabi’s after the India-Pakistan Partition. National Capital being the biggest employer in the country way back then, it attracted talent from around the country. South Indians were one of the major population who moved to the National Capital and the migration continues for jobs and education in prestigious institutes like IIT Delhi and Delhi University.

South Indians contribute to a voting population of appx 30 Lakhs in the Delhi Assembly elections while the total voters is 133 Lakhs. The win margin of assembly elections of any state would generally varies between 2-15%, considering this fact, South Indian voter can decide the win and the loss of the parties.

The general South Indian community from states like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu believe in regional parties than the National Parties for their local agendas so strong that the National Parties from Delhi widely ignore. Tamil Nadu voters are not inclined with BJP and are with AIDMK of Jayalalitha and take an independent stand in Delhi’s voting pattern. The next are people of Telangana of whom, majority living in Delhi are from the Muslim community and from the communities who are not totally inclined to BJP.

The Delhi voters from Andhra Pradesh state has its own reason to reject BJP. AP has anger on the national parties for the hasty bifurcation they did last year and later the wound healed a little after Mr.Narendra Modi joined in alliance with Telugu Desam Party of Chandrababu Naidu and announced and assured Special Status, Financial Packages and other assurances to Andhra Pradesh state. People of Andhra Pradesh voted for the NDA government and PM Modi started approving the projects one after the other. The Financial Package and the Special status were the biggest and the most awaited assurances to be fulfilled by the Govt of India and the BJP which cooperated in the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, The news of Special Status not being delivered by the govt of India and a package of 350 Crores for an expected 20,000 Crore package brought up the fire in people of Andhra Pradesh and the social media was filled with tweets and messages to vote against BJP in Delhi.

Kannadigas are split between Congress and BJP in Karnataka for the BJP’s corrupt saga in Bellary region. This equation worked the same way in Delhi and people clearly looked at AAP as an alternative. Keralites are also not a big fans of BJP making them majorly move towards AAP for their clear agenda in Developing Delhi.

The India’s Capital which has the right mixture of people from around the Country has shown the mood of the Nation with a clear impact from South Indian community in Delhi and AAM AADMI PARTY emerged as a clear winner for the hundreds of Political Equations which balanced out giving them a majority.


img src: Aam Aadmi Party.