• CM Chandrababu Naidu warned officials and said they will be arrested if they don’t come to rescue work in time.
  • Government aims to serve each and everyone who needs help.
  • No other City in world was ever hit by a cyclone of this intensity before.

CM Chandrababu Naidu expressed his deep heart breaking feelings to journalists about the cyclone’s effect on his favorite city Vizag. Stated that Vizag is financial capital for Andhra Pradesh and we dream of reaching to new heights and planned for smart city few days back, now I reassure the same where my first priority will be short term goal of getting Vizag people into normal life and later we will plan for long term goals such as smart city development and industrial development.

Vizag will be in the normal stage within 2 to 3 days. Some officials are lazy and have not come out of previous government’s functioning style. The previous governments have destroyed the government systems he said. State Government set a target and has given high priority to restore basic needs such as food, water, milk, power supply, petrol, and communication network.

Water supply started as huge generators were used for power and Water Tanks from Godavari and Krishna districts were added to the supply. Vegetables from other districts were imported, selling at nominal prices Rs 5 per kg onions and any vegetable at only Rs 3 per kg. Chandrababu Naidu expressed his dissatisfaction with mobile operators for not taking any preventive measures and not taking quick restoration methods to bring communication to a normal level. He stated of writing a personal letter to authorities of mobile operators to speed up the process of face action.

The government of India and PM Narendra Modi were very cooperative. CM appreciated the Chief Secretary of Government of India who was in constant touch for 7 to 8 times which never happened before between state governments and central government in India. CM requested all MLAs, MLCs and Ministers to go and work at the grassroots level for better and quick response to needs of people. Asked them to make sure that no one is left unattended.