Reasons Why Brooklyn Nine-Nine is One of the best shows ever

There’s nothing better than sitting after a long day and watching a good comedy show so that you could blow off some steam. One such show is Brooklyn Nine-Nine which could easily be considered among the best comedy sitcoms of all time. Who thought that a show based on cops could be so fun to watch? You can stream the show online on Netflix whenever you want. 

However, in order to stream as flawlessly as possible, you would need an internet connection that is fast enough to stream without lag. This is why we would suggest that you look into Spectrum due to its brilliant performance and its great reliability. Once you make sure that your internet connection is great enough, you can start watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine as soon as possible. If you’re looking for reasons as to why Brooklyn Nine-Nine is so good, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some reasons why Brooklyn Nine-Nine is so good and you should watch it whenever you get the chance:

The Brilliant Cast

One of the best things about Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the amazing cast of the show. It feels as if each actor was hand-picked for their character because of how brilliantly everyone has performed. The show features actors such as Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher, and Melissa Fumero. Andy Samberg is a pretty popular name when it comes to the comedy industry and while all the other actors are known to do some more serious roles, everyone did a great job doing a comedy role instead. So if you really wish to watch a show that has an amazing cast and everyone is great at acting, then Brooklyn Nine-Nine most certainly should be the show that you need to watch. 

The Amazing Storyline

Normally you would think that since it is a show about cops, it would probably be a serious one where everyone is too busy trying to catch the bad guys. However, that is not the case of Brooklyn Nine-Nine since there is always something going on in the show and it actually goes on to show that everyone is having fun at the precinct while they get their work done. The development in the story is great enough to have you hooked through the entirety of the 8 seasons of the show. 

At the start we get to see how Captain Holt arrives at the precinct and later how he turns everything around and makes the precinct one of the most effective ones. There are lots of other things that happen in the show and while most moments make you laugh, there are also some that make you sad and some that make your jaw drop. 

The Outstanding Character Development in the Show

Another amazing feature of the show was the character development that nearly every character went through. In the case of Jake (Andy Samberg), we get to see how he transitions from an immature man-child to the kind of cop who takes on a lot of responsibilities and has to make sacrifices that would bring benefit to the people around him. Amy (Melissa Fumero) continues on to be an overachiever and in her development, she finally reaches all her goals and everyone who is a fan of Amy absolutely loves the progress that she makes in the show. For Rosa Diaz, we see that she finally accepts her sexuality and she also opens up to her parents about it, which is a great deal for her. 

For Charles Boyle, we see that after having a rollercoaster of relationships and a failed marriage, despite looking for love for a very long time Charles finally finds the love of his life and settles in with her. Captain Holt transitions from being a rule-loving, nearly robot-like man to the kind who finally lays back and enjoys being with his squad from time to time. 

The Feeling of Being Like a Family

One of the most iconic elements of the show is how each of the members of the squad treats each other not like colleagues, but as family. All of the characters are friends with one another and always have each other’s backs. The show played a great role in proving that you don’t necessarily have to be formal with your peers, but you can be friends as well to the point that you start thinking of each other like a family. 

If you wish to watch a show that focuses on friendship to the point that it feels like its family, then you definitely have to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a beautiful show that would make you laugh to the point that your belly would start hurting. So be sure to tune into Netflix and watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine as soon as you can. NINE-NINE!