What is the Evidence of Ramayana

What is the Evidence of Ramayana

As we know that Ramayana is a holy book for Hindus . But the people keep searching for the truth that how far it’s not fictional instead of narration of events. So let’s see if there is any proof of Ramayana.

To unlock the mystery and what is the evidence of Ramayana, let’s first of all reveal what is it about?

Subject matter of Ramayana

Ramayan is not a divine book but it was penned down by a great sage whose name was Valmiki and the date is believed to be 5,000 years before Christ. It is said that the original book had almost 7 auditions or Kandas. and all those versions contain different stories or a detailed autobiography of lord Rama.

But the problem lies when we can’t find sufficient testimonials to prove that Ramayana was a book about two events. Those happened in the life of Rama, we don’t know how far they are original and how far they are exaggerated. Because whenever something is supernatural and cant be proven scientifically today’s humans are always curious and suspicious about it and same is the case with ramayan. 

There are few facts that prove that it is not a complete fiction. Because we still have some points which prove that this story does have some real events and real evidence to prove its reality if not 100% then at least partially.

Archaeological Evidence Of Ramayana 

This cave is located in Sigiriya , a part of Sri Lanka. This cave has a unique snake like shape that is tested by archaeologists to be a carved sculpture. But it’s not possible to carve such a huge structure with human hands so the story narrates that this cave was built by Asurs when they kidnapped Sita. The same story is depicted in the cave painting painted in the cave. The date of the caves is proven to be as old as narrated by Valmiki in his book it is believed to be a Pre Christian time period.

So the story does have some reality if not true over all.

Hanuman Garhi and Hanuman’s Footprint

Humayun Garhi is a temple which is located in Ayodhya and it is said that this is the place where Hanuman was waiting for lord Rama when he was in exile. Hanuman is supposed to be  the guard and Escort of RAM during Lanka expedition. This temple is actually a mesmerizing structure which is carved and is situated at the height of 76 big steps.

It is actually a cave and legend says that Hanuman lived there to protect the birthplace of ram that’s called Ramkot. This temple also has a beautiful sculpture of Mata anjani who is holding Hanuman in her lap.Now this temple is not a proof that Ramayana was real. But the big footsteps on the stones near Nuwara Eliya temples and many other temples all around Sri Lanka.These footsteps can be a proof of ramayana story but they don’t have archaeological references.

Nasa Claimed Bridge

Few investigations by NASA in recent decades have provided one more evidence. That it is a possibility that there was a man made bridge between India and Sri Lanka which was almost 30 kilometre long. This bridge can be a proof that both these countries were once connected. Images of this bridge are available on NASA’s official website and you can get them on Google as well. Here again one more evidence that Ramayana story is not completely fiction. Moreover the formation of the bridge confirms that it was a man made bridge.

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Proof Of Ramayana 

One more archaeological evidence of Ramayana can be found from history of Sri Lanka which shows the traces of earliest human inhibition. That is supposed to be almost 1750000 years back. And that time period relates to the primitive age which was mentioned by Valmiki in his book Ramayana.

Floating Stone Mystery

According to the story written by Valmiki Lord Rama spelt upon the stones so they could float on the water. So that the bridge between India and Sri Lanka could be easily made. This can be seen even today because in Rameswaram which is in South India the stones don’t sink in the water but float on it. This phenomenon has been investigated by several scientists and mystery is not solved yet. So this can also be a good clue that it’s not all fiction there was something true about it.

Some Places Still Exist

Places like Sanjeevani Mountain which is in Dronagiri and is said to be a mountain which was carried by Hanuman to cure lakshman exist even today. Moreover ashok Vatika which is supposed to be heaven and it is said that sita was kept in here by Ravan. This garden is also present even there till date in Sri Lanka and is called Hakgala botanical garden. This garden is situated close to Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka. sita jharna is also existing even till date.

Ravan’s Ten Head And Hot water Wells

A few facts about Ravan can also be an evidence of Ramayan story. When he is called ten headed Ravana he actually didn’t have 10 heads. But he is used to rule over the 10 kingdoms of Sri Lanka that’s why he was called ten headed Ravana. Moreover in Ramayana Valmiki has talked about the hot water wells which were built all around Sri Lanka temples. Those hot water wells even exist today and their source of hot water for those temples. Around these temples these hot water wells are a source of hot water in Kanniya temples.

Black Soil Of Ravana Kingdom

It is written in Ramayan that Rama burnt the kingdom of Ravana to set free Sita and the black soil Ussangoda is evidence of this fact. The soil of this region is dark and black in color in contrast to the other regions of Sri Lanka.

Agni Pariksha Divurumpola

The place where Ram took Agni pariksha from sita to prove her purity also exists even till date. That place exists in Divurumpola.

Take Away

I would like to conclude this interesting discussion with the statement that all that is narrated in Ramayan might not be fiction. It did had some truth but as books from different religions have changed from their true version may be same has happened with Ramayan.