It seemed like just another lazy Sunday morning at the Pushkar Ghat, Rajahmundry, with the serene Godavari flowing; the surface looking crystalline in the morning sun. Suddenly, a group of people came over and made a tall, lean boy dressed in a martial arts suit lie down on the road and put two planks of wood on either side. A few minutes later, Royal Enfield bikes ridden by hunky bikers were being driven over this boy whose face showed no pain but just a determined serenity.

Meet Ujwal Komma, a 22 year old from Rajahmundry. One look at this lean boy and he’ll pass off as just another engineering graduate who loves having a good time with his friends but going by the cliche, never judge a book by its cover.

A martial artist from as long as he can remember, Ujwal has been performing various feats of strength and skill for several years now. Whether it is breaking blocks of cement with his bare hands or breathing jets of fire by blowing kerosene onto a lit torch; Ujwal has done what many can’t even think of.

And now, in a bid to firmly etch his name in the record books and in history, the Sunday’s event in Rajahmundry involved having 100 bikes being driven over his abdomen.

“I performed a lot of stunts before but I always wanted to set a world record, that is why I attempted this,” informs Ujwal, who added “Such a record was never done and we took 10 bikes, each with a weight of more than 250 Kilos along with the driver, and these 10 bikes were driven over my abdomen in 20 minutes.”

While his parents were always encouraging of his daredevil acts, it was not easy convincing his father, a corporator from Rajahmundry, about this particular attempt. “It took some time for me to convince my father. Just like any other father, he was very worried about this but when he saw the kind of exercises I was doing to strengthen my abs and saw my trial runs, he agreed to let me do it,” says Ujwal, who worked hard for a month to do this.

The record setting attempt was officiated by several government officials and a doctor who was supervising the event. Ujwal is now going to submit the video and the reports by the officials and wait for confirmation and medal from Guinness.

South Report applauds Ujwal for this daring attempt and wishes to see a lot more from him in the future!