The Controversial video of a Paster promoting conversions of Hindus into Christianity is going viral on social media.

Proselytizing activities are strictly prohibited at all Hindu Temples as per Law. This video was uploaded by the paster to harvest funds from the western countries to his missionary.

In the Video, Paster stands right at the Tirumala Temple and calls lord Venkateshwara a Rock and refers to the Millions of pilgrimages as lost souls.

Complaints have reached the authorities and police on the issue. Hindu organizations are serious on the paster’s derogatory and objectionable comments on the most worshiped Lord Venkateshwara and the Hinduism on whole just to make funds for the missionary.


Update: Poster Sudhir was Arrested yesterday by police and was presented to media. Sudhir confessed that he went to tirumala last year on September 10th and got involved in Proselytism.

Watch the video here:

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