” Kesineni nani, what are you doing after you won as MP, I asked the Vijayawada MP seat for my close associate but withdrew as they choose Kesineni Nani. What is he doing now.?! Is he just looking at the wall in the parliament and feeling amused or planning to work.?! Have you demanded for Special Status”, those were some comments made by Pawan Kalyan on Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani.

Here is the response from one of the voters of Vijayawada for controversial comments of film actor Pawan Kalyan on Vijayawada M.P Mr.Kesineni Srinivas: 

Here are some of his achievements from the first year of his term as member of parliament that might help you adjust your reality Mr. Pawan Ji,

Mr. Srinivas earned accolades from Prime minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr. Chandrababu Naidu when he convinced TATA TRUST to adopt 264 villages as a part of their corporate social responsibility program on 15th of April of 2015.
Kesineni nani with Tata Trust Delegation on adoption of 264 Villages in Vijayawada MP Constituency:


Kesineni nani with Ratan Tata thanking him for the Adoption of Villages:



PM Narendra Modi appreciating Mr.Nani on Biggest Smart Village Adoption Program in India in association with Tata Trust :


He has been a crucial member in getting funds for Vijayawada Airport’s facelift and Vijayawada to Delhi direct flight convincing Civil Aviation Minister:


On the initiative of encouraging Bamboo production in this area a team of 90  agriculturists were sent to renowned Bamboo fields in Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Goa for training purposes on his own expenditure.

He is decorated as the only MP in both the Telugu speaking states to raise Rs.1586 Crore funds for the development of his constituency:

1. Rs. 350 crores for  the construction of a flyover in the proximity of Kanaka Durga temple.

2. Rs. 460 crores for installing drinking water and sewage services in S.B.W.D.

3. Rs. 121 crores for building homes and drainage for the unprivileged.

4. Rs. 103 crores for the development of Vijayawada airport.

5. Rs.300 crores invested on construction of a highway between Vijayawada and Jagadalpur.

6. Rs.172.40 crores invested in the betterment of drinking water service in Nandigama munclipality.

7. A total of Rs.171.62 crores is about to be issued for restructuring of drinking water services in Jaggayyapeta and Tiruvuru.

8. Rs.12 crores signed and to be issued by the government for installing a highway between Tiruvooru and Rajavaram.


Mr. Pawan Kalyan asked if Kesineni Nani ever asked for Special Status to Andhra Pradesh. Here is one of the 32 questions he asked in Parliament so far in his term.

Question asked by Mr.Kesineni Nani on Development Package for Andhra Pradesh: 

Debates Details of Mr.Kesineni Nani:


Pawan Kalyan’s comments on our Member of parliment Mr.Srinivas Kesineni show his lack of awareness on politics.


Mr. Srinivas Kesineni made a great team including the MLAs of Vijayawada MP constituency which contributed for a successful year of ruling and we are hoping for better and far more advanced development in the coming 4 years. Deep in our heart we are sure that Vijayawada will flourish as a smart city thanks to the awesome governance.

I urge you to check your facts before you pass on judgement Mr.Pawan Ji.