An open letter to Loksatta JP written by a citizen of Andhra Pradesh in reply to his latest comments on AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu :

Dear JP sir,

I happened to see a video clip of your Guntur trip a day back. I was curious about what you spoke because, since the elections, I haven’t seen your activities, rather not followed you.  In your address, you came down very hard on politicians and their sons. You also took names while showcasing your aggression. I share the similar levels of aggression, but unlike yours, it is towards you. Hope I could explain you why it is so in the following lines.

You said “గాడిదలను, గాడిద కొడుకులను అందలం ఎక్కించాల్సిన పనిలేదు”, It is a nice statement per se. You have also mentioned Chandrababu Naidu, the CM of AP and chief of TDP in relation to the same. You are an intellectual who have seen the world and experienced it in many ways. But still, I would like to bring to your notice few facts to counter your speculated fears.

In our democracy, any person who is eligible as per the constitution can contest election and participate in the democracy. Do you think that a politician son/daughter be barred from contesting for having a father who is a politician himself? Isn’t disqualifying anyone on such lines is violation of their rights and defeat the sanctity of democracy?

In India, may be due to our culture, families are the primary social force. Every member in the family has influence on the other member. Sometimes, such influences dominate others if they are highly successful. It is not limited to behavioural, qualification and professional. It has impact on many walks of life. You are a qualified doctor and have served in Indian Administrative Services. I couldn’t find better examples than doctors and civil servants which you are very familiar with. It is most common that children of doctors pursue career as doctors in India. We find such families in every town and city nowadays.  Similarly,  few children of civil servants chooses to become an IAS/IPS. You would have know by yourself such people from your friends and ex-colleagues. I don’t say every doctor/civil servant families are the same, I want to highlight the fact that the shift towards a family profession is quite common as there is an advantage of having an mentor in the family to nurture them. Shouldn’t we go to a doctor if his/her father is a doctor? Doesn’t he become a better doctor if his father is a doctor? Is he is not qualified based in your perception? You may say, a private profession is different from politics which impacts the people and society. All I want to say is that, No one bullies people in any manner to make their successor successful. It’s the people who chooses their servant. No one can forcefully make a disqualified as leader. If they don’t like the successor they will obviously ditch him which is evident every now and then.

Forceful leaders are the ones like Manmohan Singh who has never won a direct election and unfortunately still had the privilege of being the Prime Minister of India and lead the nation for almost a decade. You may not admit it in public due to political reasons  but I strongly believe that you are the best judge as you have worked under his leadership in few constitutional posts like NAC and NRHM.

One more example is selection(not election) of your central party leadership. Though, it is your party internal matter its quite alarming as you have given lectures in the past on democracy and its values. You said true internal democracy is necessary, yet you selected Surendra Srivastava for central leadership ditching all ethics of democracy despite protests from majority members. You have bullied your decision and did admit that publicly yesterday. Isn’t this hypocrisy? Leadership doesn’t come when it is assigned it is to be earned!

Since you have also mentioned Chandrababu Naidu, being a member of Telugudesam Party, I would like to update you that nowhere Mr. Lokesh is involved in any activities or with people related to government. He is a registered member in party for quite a long time and now he had a job in party as a coordinator for cadre welfare fund, which he is performing exceptionally well. If you have any reservations against him, may be it is because of your hypothetical analysis of your bleak future.

May be, it is my problem. May be, I am expecting too much from you. I should’ve stopped to care about your rants from the day you have attended opening ceremony of vicious newspaper Sakshi, which is solely aimed at glorify the most corrupt people in the country and demean Chandrababu in every possible way. You have know its corrupt roots, yet you shared the stage with Jagan and launched an edition. Thanks  for your gestures which speak volumes than that of your intellectual rants. You may continue your diatribe on Chandrababu, who is the only hope for bringing back AP to glory after its unjust bifurcation. We ignored you and will ignore you! What else can we expect from you?


– Harsha, Twitter handle @hjasti.

Here is the Video with JP making controversial comments:

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