Marketing with bloggers

Marketing with bloggers

How to find a good book blog for collaboration
In the first post of this series, we explained how blogger relations work and why they are an excellent way to promote your own book.
In this article, we will explain what makes a good blog and what you should pay attention to when choosing your cooperation partners.
Where can I find a good book blog?
Bloggers can no longer be found only on their own websites on the Internet. Many book blogs are represented on a wide variety of platforms and networks such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, where they exchange ideas with their readers.
Some bloggers also discuss their content exclusively on Instagram. This is mainly about visual entertainment and information about images and short texts.

So when looking for a good book blog for your planned actions, it is also worth searching on social networks or YouTube.

The first impression counts!
As is so often the case, the first impression counts, especially in the fast-paced online world.

How is the book blog structured? Does the design catch the eye? Is it clear or will you be killed directly by a lead desert? Are there aesthetic images?
In the case of non-fiction books and guides, it is often also important that the book blog likes to deal with the topic discussed in your book.

Of course, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, nevertheless, you can often see here how much effort and work goes into the blog and whether the blogger understands his or her craft. One prefers it plain and simple, the next playful and colorful. Before you make the contact, decide for yourself whether the book blog would appeal to you and you would like to read there.

Individuality and creativity
Good book blogs and their operators are creative and individual. Make sure that the blog stands out from the crowd and stands out with that certain something – be it a rousing writing style, special content, or the personality of the operator. In the case of non-fiction books, the blog should show that it is familiar with the corresponding matter.
Take a closer look at the book blog, read some articles, and see if the content can appeal to and inspire you. Many things hardly stand out from the mass of book blogs, but maybe you discover a format that particularly suits your book or a blogger who conducts particularly creative interviews? Only then should you choose this blog.

Find creative and individual book blogs
Always the same copies of what has already been there are boring in the long run. When choosing book blogs, therefore, pay attention to the added value that it offers. A good blog is characterized by high-quality and well-researched posts. Maybe there are even guest authors or experts from time to time who are asked about a certain topic?
People are interested in new information and want to feel well entertained by a blog. Only then will posts be noticed and your cooperation with the blogger will also be successful.

When choosing bloggers, you should also pay attention to the regularity in which the posts appear. If the last posts were already a few months or even years ago, it can be assumed that the blog has little visibility on the net and your contribution is more likely to go under. However, blogs that are regularly filled and kept up to date are usually also more visible to interested parties.

When searching for bloggers, also pay attention to where else he or she publishes their content. Social networks such as Instagram, where there is a large and interested book community – in short: #bookstagram – are becoming increasingly popular. Bloggers who actively discuss books read there usually also have a higher reach, as they make use of different platforms. A video on YouTube or a live stream in which you are actively involved and support the blogger is also an interesting change.

Depending on the topic, non-fiction books often have their own communities. Here you need to research where these communities prefer to exchange ideas.

Write to bloggers
Have you found a suitable book blog and would like to get in touch with the operator? Great, then go ahead! But beware: Don’t just write on it. There is a lot to consider so that your request does not end up in the trash right away. Read our separate blog post on the topic of bloggers.