• Industries were severely hit and operations came to halt.
  • HPCL production stopped.
  • Newly constructed IT incubation Center and other IT buildings were severely affected.

Roofs and equipment of most of the industries were severely affected by Hudhud. Vizag has around 3000 industries, where most of them are closed after being hit by cyclones. Small scale industries lost an estimated amount of around 1000 crores. One of Major ports of India, Vizag ship yard was badly affected and the communication system collapsed. Ships at port were sent into deep sea to avoid collision during cyclone. Four ships haven’t come back yet, communication is lost too.

Imports and exports to various places around the world halted. Goods stored at Vizag port for exports were destroyed by the cyclone. An estimated 1.5 lakh tons of fertilizers at port were gone with water during the cyclone. Crude Oil tunnel network worth of Rs 100 crores was destroyed and total estimated loss at Vizag port is Rs 200 crores.

Steel Plant losses are estimated in thousands of crores due collapse of electricity. Poultry industries faced huge lose as 25 lakh birds died causing a loss of 200 Crores to the Industry. Gitam University had faced an estimated loss of Rs 200 crores and Andhra University loss to be estimated yet.

Telecom and internet services were severely affected. Vizag being the financial capital of Andhra Pradesh, state revenue to face huge loss with this cyclone.