With the controversies revolving around the surgical strikes, Indian Army, which has given a green signal to submit proof has finally handed over the video clips of the operation to the government. However, it is now the Prime Minister’s call whether to make the video footage public or not. While the submission was as per protocol on such matters, a senior defense source said that the Army has communicated its view to the government that putting out footage of a covert Army operation is militarily not advisable. Since the government has been under pressure from the Opposition parties like Congress and Arvind Kejriwal in particular, who wants the footage revealed to oppose Pakistan’s contention that some regular cross-border fire was being passed off as a high-octane operation.

Official sources said the multiple surgical strikes, which lasted for four hours on September 29, were filmed by drones and helmet-mounted cameras carried by the Special Forces commandos. Seven terror launch pads were targeted and over 35 militants were believed to have been killed in the operation. An official said that there is a process for putting such issues in perspective, which was duly followed by the Army as well as the government. “The PM will now take a decision whether to release the video.” He also said that everyone should have faith in the government and allow the Army to take its own call.

With the ball now in his court, the Prime Minister is understood to have cautioned his Cabinet colleagues against whipping up hysteria over the military action. During Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting, sources said, he told his colleagues that only authorized people should speak on the issue.