India Top General On China: ‘Larger Conflict Can’t Be Discounted’

India Top General On China: ‘Larger Conflict Can’t Be Discounted’

The countrymen fight the war against their enemy country persons to save their motherland from every devil. Therefore, there happened a conflict between China and India was begun on 20 October 1962 and ended on 21 November 1962 at Ladakh. This war is called the Sino-Indian War and is also known by the name Indo-China War, Sino-Indian Border Conflict. Indian’s military commander has made sure that the strongest border conflict has a deadlock with Chinese force in the Western Himalayas. On the other hand, the Chief of Defence Staff Bipin Rawat said some words to his military officers that the situation was quite strong at the Line Of Actual Control.
Then the online address was given by Rawat, who said that they would not be accepting any shifting against Line Of Actual Control.
Now India-China War 2020 has been continued since 5 May 2020 at Line Of Actual Control. 211 days have passed and still, it is in progress regarding the borders. Since the 1980s, there has been a talk of more than 20 rounds related to the border issues.  Observer Research Foundation searched about the coverage of media regarding border incidents that only 1 or 2 percent had been received in between 2010 and 2014. Besides this, despite all those miseries and standoff, there came no report of the firing between these two countries for over 50 years.


Main Causes And Incidents Of The War 2020:

Many reasons have been referred for India Vs China War 2020 in which one is China’s Territory Grabbing technique. It involves intruding on the small parts of enemy territory over a long period.

According to Urgain Chodon, councilor of Bhartiya Janata Party, India lost to protect its border for decades and put a blind eye to the Chinese Land. Now, in 2020, it has lost the land all along the LAC. According to a report, it has been said that China has done many efforts to get the land at multiple locations. The war, skirmishes, and standoffs have taken place at Pangong Tso. For the first time, China gathered troops at different locations other than Ladakh. It also opened a new border on 29 June 2020

India China Border Dispute:

The relationship between China and India has become worst and is worsening day by day. These two powers, along with their disputed borders in the Himalayan Region, are facing off each other. The war of June was fought with sticks, not guns that were the first argument between two opposite sides since 1975.
India insisted China charge with the crime of annoying military tensions two days in a week. But China refused those charges by saying that it was the Indian’s fault.  Indians and Chinese troops have been involved in confusing fights since 5 May 2020 at the location of the Sino-Indian Border.

India China War Latest News:

The latest update of the India China War is that the situation is become worse than in 1962. The war was severe apparently, but it looks like that the Indian army will not allow the Chinese to do that again to repeat the last history of the war.
India has rejected that claim of the Chinese that was against their military power. They claimed that the Indians would fire near Pangong Lake. They further explained that they have no chance of winning the war.
But in the new war memorial, 20 Indian soldiers have died during a bloody battle with the Chinese at Gallen Valley. They both are trying to solve the issue of “Line Of Actual Control” tactfully. On 17th September, Rajnath Singh, Union Defence Minister, addressed the issue of the ongoing border dispute.
India and China Conflict:
In real words, the war between India and China is also called the Sino-Indian Conflict that was occurred in 1962. The Himalayan border was the main cause of their war.
This conflict remained 211 days between these two countries. And when it came to end, China named the border”Line Of Actual Control.” Moscow made much effort to give complete support to India when the war increased at its peak.
This country gave Indians the best fighter aircraft and helped them in every difficult time. But Britain and the United State refused to give their heavy weapons to India thinking about the Soviet Union. In the end, China got the greatest victory over India.

Final Thoughts:

The war was fought for the betterment of both countries by solving the issue of disputed borders. India-China War increased and went to the worse.
The battle was not fought with guns, the military officers used sticks and clubs for the battle. There has become nothing changed in the relations of these both countries. The latest news of this war said that the present situation is more severe than the first war.