India-China stalemate continues, MARCOS go to Pangong Tso

India-China stalemate continues, MARCOS go to Pangong Tso

India-China stalemate continues, MARCOS go to Pangong Tso

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As the impasse between India and China continues, MARCOS goes to Pangong Two, along with the prevailing facilities for activities, the Navy rangers’ can easily get boats for operations inside the bay. Both sides were expected to withdraw about 30 percent of soldiers every day for 3 days in the second phase to be approved out near the northern bank on the Pangong Lake. The Indian side would reach its Dham Singh Thapa strategic post while the Chinese had definite to return to their place east of the Finger 8 event. 

Backend plans of both the Countries

Two sides were to withdraw from their respective positions in the third and final phase from the frontline along the southern bank of the Pangong Lake district, which includes the heights and territories around the Khushal and Razing La regions, ANI continued. According to India china latest news, they agreed to develop a framework to verify compliance with the disengagement plan through meetings and the use of drones, ANI said.

Chines Insisted the Indian Army vacating the commanding Heights

  • The announcement of Indian china border comes a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping of China met face-to-face at a digital Shanghai Cooperation Organization leadership summit on Tuesday. On November 17, at the BRICS summit and the G-20 on November 21, Modi and Xi Jinping will practically face one another again.
  • Sooner, the Chinese side was not prepared to address the mechanism of disassociation from the Pangong Tso Finger Zones, a problem that India has been flagging for some time. Besides that, on the south bank of Pangong Tso, the Chinese government insisted on the Indian Army vacating the commanding heights.
  • As the goal of the chats with China, New Delhi emphasized the full disengagement of troops. India also wants a complete restoration of peace and harmony along the LAC, said Anurag Srivastava, spokesman for the Ministry of External Affairs. The latest round of chats between the military commanders of china vs India were described by Srivastava as candid, in-depth, and positive.

In china vs india, Srivastava also claimed that he traded views on disconnection at all tension points along the line of actual control in the western section of the border areas between India and China. The disengagement strategy could not be enforced because New Delhi opposed the request by China to establish a patrol suspension between Finger 3 and Finger 8 on the northern side of the Pangong Tso.

The Line of Actual Control (LAC)

On the other side, the Indian Army was struggling to set up insulated sheds, arctic tents, and bunkers at a record pace. It also purchased advanced winter clothing, gear, and other essential equipment for the more than 50,000 soldiers stationed along the Line of Actual Control at the tension points. This has been critical, officials claim, as temperatures have already fallen to minus 20 degrees Celsius. The official said that the Indian Army had been training for a long time for this situation.

In terms of smart camps with integrated facilities that have been constructed over the years, individual requirement environments with integrated power, sanitation, heating, health, and hygiene arrangements have recently been established to serve the soldiers, the Army said.

Also, at eight meetings of the corps commanders of both armies on November 6, ANI announced that the disengagement strategy had been cancelled.

MARCOS Commandos Plans Develop New Vessels

In India china latest news, it is an order to carry about operations in the Pangong Tso lake sector, the MARCOS commandos will also develop new vessels. India transferred its Guard Special Forces to the strategic heights along the LAC during the early days of the India-China war to hold a vigil on any fighter or other enemy aircraft breaching Indian airspace.

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This would be a test of stamina and the position remains tense, but under the balance, along the LAC. The aforementioned official said that the Indian Army was ready for the long winter ahead. It will be a stamina test, the source added, adding that India has the edge as it has been residing on the Saltire ridge’s glaciated peaks since 1984.