how to breed clamble on plant island


Embark on a mystical journey as we unravel the secrets behind breeding Clamble, an elusive creature dwelling in the verdant landscapes of Plant Island within the realm of My Singing Monsters. As an entity of epic proportions, summoning a Clamble demands a meticulous blend of dedication and strategic finesse. This guide seeks to illuminate your path with nuanced insights, elevating your chances of a triumphant encounter with the enigmatic Clamble through the intricate artistry of breeding.

Clamble’s Genesis

Introduced to the harmonious world of My Singing Monsters in the annals of 2018, Clamble emerges as a plant-themed epic marvel. Its physique, adorned with a dark green allure and sinuous leaves resembling vines, hosts a luminescent lamp-like structure crowning its visage in a resplendent yellow glow. Here are salient details about Clamble:

  • Elemental Affiliation: Plant
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Habitat: Plant Island
  • Breeding Synergy: Potbelly + T-Rox
  • Game Debut: 2018
  • Nursery Requirement: Level 10
  • Diminished Breeding Success: Attributed to its epic rarity

The epic essence of Clamble places it among the rarest denizens of the My Singing Monsters universe. Its manifestation necessitates substantial investments in time, effort, and resources. Now, let us delve into the labyrinthine details of the specific breeding combination and process.

The Alchemical Convergence – Potbelly + T-Rox

The elusive Clamble unfurls its existence through a meticulous alchemy, where the only amalgamation yielding success involves the union of Potbelly and T-Rox. Any deviation from this prescribed coupling on Plant Island shall yield naught but disappointment. An exploration into the personas of Potbelly and T-Rox becomes imperative:

  • Potbelly: A sylvan rarity, easily procured yet requiring a minimum level of 10 for Clamble conception. Its auditory resonance mimics the rhythmic cadence of bongo drums.
  • T-Rox: A frigid rarity, equally accessible but demanding an elevation to level 10. Emitting a resonant roar, this Cold-affiliated creature paradoxically partners with Potbelly on the lush terrain of Plant Island.

The consecration of Potbelly and T-Rox at the verdant altar of Plant Island, both attaining at least level 10, initiates the mystical journey to the nursery for the birthing of potential Clambles. Understanding this alchemical symphony stands as the inaugural stride.

The Genesis Ritual – Unveiling the Process

With the potent concoction of Potbelly and T-Rox in mind, the intricate steps of the birthing ritual unfold as follows:

  1. Ascertain the sanctity of your Plant Island nursery, ensuring its elevation to level 10 or beyond, a prerequisite for the inception of epic creatures.
  2. Position Potbelly and T-Rox side by side on Plant Island, nurturing them to a stature of at least 10. The ascension of levels augments your prospects.
  3. Elect Potbelly and T-Rox for the forthcoming odyssey, consecrating them to the nursery through the ethereal tap of the “Send to Nursery” invocation.
  4. Witness the sands of time cascade within the hourglass, an ephemeral symphony spanning 12-16 hours, mirroring the levels of your sentient conduits.
  5. Upon the temporal culmination, revisit the nursery’s haven to unearth the progeny. A slender chance prevails that it manifests as the illustrious Clamble.
  6. If the fates withhold Clamble’s apparition, recommence the ritual from the genesis, an unyielding cycle until the coveted Clamble graces your sanctuary.

A few sacred scrolls of wisdom:

  • Elevate Potbelly and T-Rox to heights surpassing level 15 for optimal rare/epic fruition.
  • Kindle the torches adorning Plant Island, bestowing a fiery benediction upon the breeding milieu.
  • Populate the verdant expanse with myriad creatures beyond the ordained Potbelly/T-Rox duet, a marginal amplification to breeding fortunes.
  • Ponder the acquisition of esteemed breeding structures – the Incubator or Clamber Trinket – auguries of rare breeding blessings.
  • Await the celestial alignment of Fire or Plant element “Boost” festivities within the gaming cosmos, endowing an extra impetus to specific elements.
  • In moments of vexation, retreat from the ritual and return later. The whims of RNG weave capricious tapestries – a relentless commitment ensures the eventual triumph.
  • Embrace the providence of a 10% reduction in the Market for thwarted Potbelly+T-Rox unions every 6 hours, an amulet against the financial tribulations of breeding.

Esoteric Maneuvers – Strategies to Optimize Clamble Conjuring Odds

While the ethereal ballet of breeding retains its essence, subtle maneuvers surface to heighten the alchemy of Clamble summoning:

  • Propel Potbelly and T-Rox to the zenith of their existence, pursuing an apotheosis of level 15 or beyond. Elevation begets superior birthing vistas.
  • Kindle three torches in unison, a pyre illuminating the environs proximate to Potbelly and T-Rox. This pyroclastic offering augurs well for rare breeding possibilities.
  • Populate every iota of available acreage on Plant Island with an eclectic array of creatures. The congregation augments the likelihood of rarities surfacing.
  • Contemplate the investment in the arcane structures – Incubator or Clamber Trinket – weaving enchantments of rare breeding largesse.
  • Exercise patience, awaiting the celestial rendezvous of Fire or Plant element “Boost” fêtes. Timely exploits garner additional boosts.
  • Should frustration ensue from the absence of Clamble’s grace, withdraw momentarily, and resume the ritual. RNG’s capricious dance warrants consistent overtures.
  • Leverage the 10% rebate bestowed by the Market on languished Potbelly+T-Rox endeavors every 6 hours, a financial balm for recurrent rites.
  • Deem the expedited acceleration of nursery temporalities with diamonds upon the emergence of infantile progeny. Swifter iterations amplify daily attempts.

Tribal Unveilings – Enlisting the Occult for Clamble Conjury

Partake in tribal affiliations to unlock occult avenues bolstering occasional Clamble prospects, such as the Tribal Island boost or Gold Island boost. The arcane resonance of tribe-driven synergies casts a favorable veil over your breeding endeavors.

Zenith of Patience – A Prerequisite for Clamble

In the domain of epic rarity, the stoic Clamble demands a toll of persistence. Anticipate a symphony of failed attempts, entwined with the delicate strands of a low percentage breeding tango. Dedicate yourself to the pursuit, fortified by the following mantras:

  1. Immerse in the apotheosis of Potbelly + T-Rox synergy at level 10 or beyond.
  2. Abide by the sacred tenets of the nursery ritual, punctuating each iteration with the ethereal tap of the “Send to Nursery” invocation.
  3. Bask in the sanctity of patience, as Clamble’s rare epicity mandates repeated summonings over temporal epochs.
  4. Kindle the flames of rare prospects with torches, tribal upgrades, elevated creature levels, and mystical structures when within your grasp.
  5. Harness strategic brevity, awaiting elemental revelries or accelerating with diamonds for an accelerated breeding cadence.
  6. Persevere with steadfast dedication, as the elusive Clamble unveils itself through the tapestry of focused attempts.

Codex of Potential Outcomes – A Tapestry of Breeding Prowess

Within the sacred precincts of the Plant Island nursery, as Potbelly and T-Rox embark on their mystical odyssey, a plethora of outcomes await:

  • Common/Rare Conclave: Potbelly, T-Rox, Mammott, or Clabbert emerge as the quotidian pantheon of potential outcomes.
  • Epic Epiphany: A fleeting prospect unfolds wherein epic entities, including Clamble, Dandidoo, or Ghazt, might grace the nursery.
  • Infantile Alchemy: Progeny may emerge in infantile guise, metamorphosing into one of the aforementioned entities.
  • Fractured Chalice: A specter looms wherein a “failed attempt” yields no manifestation.

Approximate apportionments at the zenith of monster evolution:

  • Common Entities: 85-90% probability
  • Epic Entities: 5-8% likelihood
  • Infantile Progeny: 2-5% chance
  • Abortive Specter: 2-5% potential

Navigating the cosmic currents toward the epic echelons, focus your endeavors within the hallowed 5-8% realm. Commons and infants, mere ephemeral interludes, warrant naught but an immediate recalibration. Failed endeavors extend a pecuniary palliative, offsetting the financial tribulations of successive endeavors.

Arcane Auxiliaries – Tools to Augment Clamble Conjuring

As the ethereal quest for Clamble burgeons, several arcane auxiliaries stand poised to amplify your breeding arsenal:

  • The Monstera Market: An enclave of providence, bestowing 10% breeding discounts on the Potbelly + T-Rox union, speed catalysts, torches, and more.
  • Tribal Island: Ascend to higher echelons to unlock tribal bonuses, encompassing fire boosts conducive to Clamble’s mystical manifestation.
  • Breeding Structures: Contemplate investing in the mystical Incubator or Clamber Trinket, offering rare breeding boons for the discerning breeder.
  • Game Updates: Stay attuned to seasonal or festival phenomena ushering special breeding benedictions during celestial junctures.
  • Digital Seers: Peruse online breeding calculators like mySingMon breeding guide for estimated percentages, aligning expectations with the cosmic tapestry.
  • Breeding Chronicles: Employ the Breeding Profiles Tool to chronicle past undertakings, discerning patterns that unveil the path to future optimization.
  • Fellowship of Seekers: Entreat fellow seekers within your tribe or the online diaspora for Potbelly and T-Rox benefactors, bridging the chasm of potential inadequacy.

Denouement – A Melodic Coda to Clamble Breeding

In concert with the cosmic symphony, the key tenets encapsulating the artistry of Clamble breeding materialize as follows:

  1. Solemnize the union of Potbelly + T-Rox at an echelon surpassing level 10, with each ascent nurturing superior breeding vistas.
  2. Piously tread the path of the standard nursery ritual, with the Potbelly + T-Rox communion as the sacrosanct choice.
  3. Cultivate the virtues of patience, for Clamble, a rare epic manifestation, beckons through persistent overtures.
  4. Stoke the fires of destiny with torches, tribal/island ascensions, elevated creature levels, and structures of mystical bearing.
  5. Inscribe elemental odes, awaiting celestial alignments or hastening with diamonds, as strategic brevity refines the breeding cadence.
  6. Endure with unwavering commitment, for the inscrutable Clamble unfurls its presence through the resolute dedication of focused endeavors.

Epilogue – A Harmonious Ode to the Pursuit of Clamble

In the grand tapestry of My Singing Monsters, where the enigmatic and the commonplace coalesce, the pursuit of Clamble stands as an enduring sonnet. Aspirants, heed the call of the verdant plains of Plant Island, where the symphony of Potbelly and T-Rox orchestrates a magnum opus, culminating in the manifestation of the elusive Clamble. May your endeavors be graced by the melodic resonance of success. Fortify your resolve, breeder, for in the pursuit of Clamble, an opulent crescendo awaits the virtuoso.