How Indian Americans will affect the US Presidential Election 2020?

This is natural for politicians to seek the sport of different groups in the elections. democratic and republican both are putting their effort to grab the attention of the emerging and growing influence of Indian Americans. 

  • Who will win the hearts of the Indian Americans? 
  • Will Indian Americans be able to create a difference in the US presidential election 2020. 
  • The important aspects that can change the intentions of the Indians potters in the elections of 2020.

In this article, we have tried to find out the answers to the questions.  Analysis of the historical trend and the recent development in America and the word is somehow contradictory. 

Historically the Indian community in America is inclined towards the democrats. President Trump has put an effort to grab the hearts of top Indian Americans for the Republicans. This looks like he has managed to gather some sport from the Indian Hindu community.

The weekend was chosen by the election campaign committee of Donald Trump. Friday night in August 2020 a video was released. Focusing on Donald Trump and President Modi. Both holding hands of each other. 

On weekends it was a viral message on social media at least for the Indian Americans accounts.

Billions of views were observed on this video on social media and thousands of Indians shared this video in hundreds of WhatsApp groups.

The majority of the Indians think that the Indian community wants to embed its mark in American society. Here is the chance right now. Donald Trump is the right pair for them to make the move. 

The chances are high that the republicans will be able to gather the majority of the Indian community for the presidential elections to be held on the 3rd of November 2020. 

The democratic party has a secret weapon to attract the Indian community and this is the vice presidential candidate of the party female senator Kamala Harris.

This was news for the majority of the Indian Americans that the lady senator and the vice presidential candidate has the Indian origin. 

Before this, the repetition of Senator Kamala Harris was of black American. This was due to her father. That was a Jamaican-American.

In the election campaign, she mentioned a number of times about her mother  Shimala Goplin. She claimed that she was actually an Indian and was a biomedical professional. She shifted to America and married her father later. Even now that she has passed away and not anymore in this world but the Indian origin can play an important role and can be a deciding factor especially in the states where the competition is neck to neck.

This influence has been witnessed in the Democratic Party fundraising events. The event was held in recent weeks. It was done in the last days of September. 

The event was planned to raise some money around 15 million but the actual amount raised was more than 30 million it was well above the expected value and this is the maximum amount raised by any political party for the election in a single event.

Nobody knows the actual number of the Indian Americans voters in America. There are only estimated values.

Some believe that the count of the Indian Americans that are eligible to cast votes in the general elections is around 2 million.  Some more careful estimations claim that it is around 1.5 million. The number of Indian-American voters is uncertain, but various political parties and organizations estimate that the number is between 1.6 million and 2 million.

Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida are the states where the Indian community can create a difference. This is a reason that both the parties are working hard on the Indian community. especially the republicans have a target to increase the sport of Indians 10% at least in the Florida region. if they will be able to do so it will create a significant difference in the presidential election of 2020.

The Indian-Americans, are no longer only the financiers.  They know well about the influence of their power. The potential ability to 

The Republican Party is never a favorite party among the Indian Americans but from 2016 the things started to change a bit. Now, this has a bit of mass among Indians that are Settled in America.

Hindu community in the United States is in favor to the President trump due to his support against the extremist Islamic terrorism and  Modi’s position on Kashmir. The majority of the Hindu are supporters of President Trump on these issues. 

A common belief among Indian Americans is that the views expressed by Biden and Harris over the Human Rights issues are not well in support of the Indian policies. This may keep the Indian community away from the Democratic Party. The recent developments in Kashmir and the swear violation of human rights cannot be justified even in America and by the support of the Hindu Community or more precisely the  Indian-American community.

At this stage, The answer to the question of who will be better for India: Trump or Biden. The reason is the issue of Kashmir.  whatsoever will be the approach of democracy about the Kashmir issue. At least the Indian community in the United States of America believes that Democrats are handling the issue of Israel according to the wishes of the Jewish American community. They may follow the same approach for Kashmir. Indian Americans are looking forward to taking the approach as per the wishes of Indian Americans. Because Kashmir is as important for the Indian community as Israel is important for the Jewish community living in the United States of America.

Final words

No doubt that Indian Americans can play an important role in the presidential elections in 2020. This role can only be signified if the majority of the Indian American sport a single party. Historically this is not possible. On the other hand, it is also quite ill logical. in a democratic society, it is that right of every individual to vote as per his own opinion. Nobody yes, nobody has a right to dictate the opinion of anyone no matter what can be the influence behind this will.