An uber cool song by Aditya Jella dedicated to all the Friend zone warriors and drama survivors ?

Here are the lyrics

Flight announcement:
Ladies & gentlemen, may I have your attention.
On board, we have with us a passenger who wants to fly down the memory lane.
Therefore, we are taking a detour through this turbulent area.
We kindly request you to unbuckle your seatbelts, and CHILL. OUT.

Missed call ichindi
Miss aiyyanandi
Internet pack eyyamandi
Talk time yevadestarandi

Ooo.. Hand ichindi
Ooo.. Hand ichindi

WhatsApp lo status choosindi
“Let’s meet darling!” andi
Shopping ki veldam andi
Gutti vankaya vondipichindi

Ooo.. Hand ichindi
Ooo.. Hand ichindi

Valentine’s Day roju intiki rammandi
Intlo yevaru leru andi
Madhyapanam koni temmandi
Avvi teesukoni “Thank you Annaya!” andi

Ooo.. Hand ichindi
Ooo.. Hand ichindi

Shorty gave me hand, and I took it.. Took it! Took it!

(I love you ani cheppindi)

Yea now I’m in this game
Am I gon struggle up till the end
To let you stay on top of my head
After all that lame ass time that ya gave me tonight
No buh-bye

(Chaala mandi to andi)

Cuz like Lupe I’m a lazer cutting like a straight razor man
So even if you pull that trick, I’ll put my hand in the air! Yeah!

(Kaani nenu confirm andi)

Put my hand in the air, yeah!
I’ll put my hand

(Adhi pedda jugalbandi)

Ooo.. Hand ichindi
Ooo.. Hand ichind