Filing Bike Insurance Claims – When to File And What to Remember

Riding a bike is an incredibly enjoyable experience. But it cannot be denied that a bike; whether it is a scooter or a geared one, is not the safest vehicle to ride. While it is compact in size and makes traffic navigation breezy, the small size of the vehicle also increases the chances of accidents and injuries. As such, it is very important to invest in a good insurance policy for bike. It is also important to know when to file an insurance claim and factors to keep in mind while filing one. Read on to find out all about it

Filing a claim – when should you do it

Typically, you would need to rely on your vehicle insurance policy when you are in a state of an emergency. Your policy document generally provides detailed information about instances that qualify for a claim. Basically a claim should be filed if you are in either of the two circumstances:

In case of an accident that results in physical injuries or death: An accident that causes physical injuries to you, a pillion rider or a third party individual is a just cause for filing for insurance claim. In case of a death in an accident, the policy holder’s next of kin can file the claim.

Damages endured by your vehicle or property owing to the accident: The accident could also cause serious damage to the vehicle or properties of the parties involved in it. At such a time, you must get in touch with your bike insurance provider immediately. If you are not found responsible for the damages caused to the vehicle/property, your insurance provider will handle the financial and/or legal liabilities.

Things to remember about filing a claim

Just because you own a 2 wheeler insurance policy, it does not mean that the policy provider is obligated to honour your claim. You need to keep a few things in mind to get your claim processed. These include:

Filing an FIR: Whether you are in an accident, or injured; whether your bike is damaged or stolen (in case you’ve opted for a comprehensive insurance policy), it is your legal obligation to inform the police and file an FIR at the nearest police station. The insurance providers will not initiate the claim process until they receive a copy of the FIR.

Informing the insurance company: As soon as you have informed the police about the incident, you need to get in touch with your bike insurance provider. Just call up the toll-free help-line number provided by your insurer to get in touch with them to record the incident. Typically, insurance companies require you to report the incident with 24 to 48 hours. Also, it helps your insurer to know in advance that you would be filing a claim. They can assist you with the process if required.

Recording the incident: You will be required to present certain proofs of the accident occurring, other than lodging a police complaint. Insurance providers encourage you to provide photographic evidence and witnesses if possible. Take as many photographs of the damage endured by your vehicle including photos of injuries sustained by yourself and you pillion driver, if present. Also speak to witnesses and request them to provide their name and phone number for insurance providers to get in touch with them.

While you can purchase bike insurance online, insurance providers have not yet made any provisions for one to file claims online. As such, if you follow the above mentioned recommendations, the process of filing an insurance claim can become rather easy.