Determinants of Outdoor Media Advertising

Delhi metro advertising has become one of the major means of promotion for big brands who want more and more people to notice them. However, gaining recognition with the help of outdoor advertisement is not a cup of tea as it requires a lot of efforts. One of the basic effort is getting a permit to place the billboard on a public platform. The decision process regarding the outdoor advertisement is made taking into account two factors, that are, interests of amenity and the public safety. Here we will discuss about Determinants of Outdoor Media Advertising.

Interests of amenity

Interests of amenity basically deal with the level of appropriateness of the content of the ad and its relevancy to the area that surrounds the place where it is supposed to be placed. If it is a place of importance from the perspective of scenic beauty, history, culture or anything like this then the greater chances are that you will be refused the placement permission. The word ‘Amenity’ here has to do both with the aural and the visual concerns; in case your ad is a noisy one then again it will be denied the permission because it has the power to disrupt the peace of the region nearby.

Interests of public safety

In a way similar to the “amenity” the idea of “public safety” is also a subjective term. It deals with the degree of ad being capable of causing distraction in addition to confusion of any sort. A plethora of planning authorities have come up with the advertisement control policy statements that explain all those factors that are considered to be a great cause of distraction.

Determinants of Outdoor Media Advertising

All in all, these are the Determinants of Outdoor Media Advertising. Once you get the consent then you are free for at least five years to display the ad in the given place. The time frame can vary depending on the decision that is made. There is no specification as per the time frame is concerned. Also, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that in case you feel like you need to discontinue the ad for some reason then it is a must for you to seek approval for doing so. In case you fail to do so then you might have to face dire consequences. So it is better to do the task as per the law. It is not an easy task to get the sanction or the permit.

Understanding the decency of the concept

However, if the product that you wish to advertise is decent and the graphics that you use are also decent then this is not that difficult as well. Understanding the decency of the concept of outdoor advertisement there are a plethora of products that are categorized as deemed consent but for several others a consent is a must. All that you are supposed to do you get the permission is to follow the basic rules that are laid for outdoor advertising and you are all set to get the permit.