Hudhud cyclone created a disaster that Vishakhapatnam city has never seen in history. Almost all reports from state officials have come and it has been estimated that the loss would be more than Rs 63,000 crores.
This was reported to the central government by state and in the whole disaster, loss to central and state government units was Rs 23,000 crores. Andhra Pradesh state government has asked for a claim of Rs 9,751 Crores from the central government and the concerned report was submitted by the committees formed by Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu.

The Hud Hud super cyclone has left the great loss to public and private properties, which was estimated to be appx. Rs 20,000 crores and Rs 40,000 Crores respectively and now it’s time for reconstruction and rebuilding Vishakhapatnam city. Industrial sectors which is the backbone of the city also to the new Andhra Pradesh state faced tremendous destruction calculated at Rs 6,137 Crores, which is almost twice when compared municipal (Rs 3,236 Crores) and household (Rs 3,621 Crores) damage.

The usage of Technology and the alertness of government authorities could help reduce the life loss, the damage to the property was unstoppable. People and organizations are coming forward to help the government of Andhra Pradesh rebuild Vizag, in spite of the fact that the big loss can only be filled by Govt of India which the govt and the people are looking at.