Chinese Apps Banned By Modi Government

Today’s life runs on technology and it is impossible to do any work without it. The main problem, that everyone is facing, is study and jobs due to this pandemic condition. Because they cannot go to schools, colleges, or offices and have to do them online. As we all know that there has been a big clash between India and China since May 5, 2020.
Some army soldiers have been murdered or martyred for their lives in this war. Now India is trying to ban the Chinese apps as much as they can. More Chinese apps banned by the Modi government is creating troubles in the country, China.
They are banning those apps that give profit to Chinese works. For banning such apps, a notification has been issued to block the access of apps. Recently, 43 apps have been banned by the Indian government.
More than 200 apps have been blocked since Modi is holding a government. The Chinese are facing many issues because they cannot get more profit from India after banning these apps. Some such apps, that are related to their work, have been blocked under Section 69A of Information Technology art.
The action has been taken regarding these all apps for unblocking them.

Apps Banned By The Indians:

Now, India is taking the biggest step and trying to increase the battle of India vs China. The government of India is not coming slow. They have banned the Chinese apps of almost 267.
Further, they are planning of banning more apps as much as they can. Following are the names of some apps that have been blocked in China:

  •         Ali Suppliers Mobile App.
  •         Alibaba Workbench.
  •         AliExpress Smarter Shopping, Better Living.
  •         Alipay Cashier.
  •         Lalamove India Delivery App.
  •         Drive with Lalamove India.
  •         Snack Video.
  •         CamCard Business Card Reader, etc.

Due to the banning of these apps, the Indians are facing troubles in their fields. They cannot do anything regarding their jobs or other things. The system of selling and buying online, given and taken the cash, to play games, and many more such apps.

Why Is India Banning The Apps?

The Indians consider themselves as they are the only ones who can run the government. Other countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, etc. all are non-sense and cannot do anything for their homelands. India has banned many Chinese apps that help in making money, study system, and are used for other processes. The Chinese are being pressurized by the Indians. They are banning those all apps for their protecting their national interest and security. The IT department is working towards making the Indian’s framework for much progress in this field.

Kid’s Apps Have Also Been Banned:

Not only those Chinese apps banned by the Modi government that are useful for youngsters or adults. But India has also blocked such apps that are the cause of entertainment for small children. Although it is said that the kids are getting spoiled by such apps yet some pupils, that have positive minds, were carrying some good aspects. The children cannot get relaxed and have nothing to do other than playing the games.

They were playing online games and watching online videos through the apps. Here is a list of such Chinese apps that have been banned by the government as well.

  •         Tik Tok.
  •         Tencent Weiyun.
  •         Club Factory.
  •         Camscanner.
  •         PUBG.
  •         Likee.

WhatsApp And Zoom App Banned:

People are thinking that many apps have been banned by the Indian government. Now, maybe the zoom app and WhatsApp will also be blocked. But, yet there is no announcement regarding the ban of this app. Because it does not relates to the Chinese. It is very safe to use when the app is activated on video meeting calls. This app is very useful for today’s students because the classes are being taken through zoom. The persons, who have online jobs meetings, are also being attended via this app. And WhatsApp has also not any concern with China. Therefore, this app is safe for using purposes and will not be banned.

PUBG Game Also Banned After Other Apps:

The children are passing their stubborn time by playing their favorite games. They play those games that are easy and have fun like playing online Ludo. PUBG game is one of the most known games that every kid would like to have on their mobiles. Firstly, the game was banned due to some issues. But later, the Indians insisted to unban this game. And it has not been completely unbanned but the children can play other versions like Indian. The Chinese version is still banned and has no chance of unbanning.

Tik Tok App Blocked:

By using this useless app, the children are becoming Tik Tokers and do not focus on their studies. It is a good step, that has been taken by the Indian government, that they have banned the Tik Tok from their country. But on the other hand, it is also a loss for the Chinese that they cannot get much profit from India now. After banning this app, the Indians said that it was a danger for them. It was widely popular in India and the dances, songs, etc. were recorded in this app. All were showing their talents of singing and dancing through TikTok, a video app.

Blocking Of Share It App:

After the banning of those all apps, that have a concern with China, the ShareIt app has also been banned. People were finding this app as the source of their main purposes. Because some like to use WhatsApp for sharing images and videos of special occasions. In contrast, many people do not know the A.B.C of using WhatsApp. They like to have the Share. It app and transfer the files from one mobile to another. But more Chinese apps banned by the Modi government is the best thing for all the Indians. And they are expecting that after banning these all apps, they will not have a loss of anything.