Andhra Pradesh has been going through a lot of development in both economic activity and political activity.

After TDP said good bye to NDA due to the injustice done to Andhra Pradesh, BJP’s Social Media enthusiasts are actively trying to take credit for everything that’s coming to Andhra Pradesh away from CM Chandrababu Naidu and give that to Prime Minister Modi.

Kia Motors is India’s Largest FDI which decided to go with Andhra Pradesh looking at the speed and proactiveness of Andhra Pradesh government, while BJP is arguing that Kia’s entry was all Mr.Modi’s Make in India Campaign result.

While they continue to argue that, there is one place that they definitely can’t cook a story on who the Hero is.

Only a month into the formation of new state of Andhra Pradesh and the Government under Mr.CBN, a news broke that Hero was scouting for a location to set up their 6th manufacturing plant.

Hero has 5 Manufacturing facilities in Gurgaon and Daruhera in Haryana, Haridwar in Uttarakhand, Neemrana in Rajasthan and Halol in Gujarat.

Due to established Capital Cities and Infrastructure, Telangana and Karnataka were prime option that Hero Motors had.

Telangana CM KCR and his team offered Hero with the natural advantage of Hyderabad ecosystem and the connectivity factors, Joining them, Karnataka govt allotted land for Hero to set up industry and announced incentives making the fight tougher.

There were news that Hero Motors decided to go with Telangana State.

As a surprise to the states, A newly formed state put themselves into the list of Competitors, but the other two states were very confident as Andhra Pradesh doesn’t even has a Capital City to operate from.

Taking things into action real quick, Chandrababu Naidu called Mr. Pawan Munjal and asked if he could join him for Dinner that day, surprised by the gesture, Mr. Munjal said sure and asked Naidu to fly to Mumbai.

They had dinner together and Mr.Naidu presented his Ideas for the new state of Andhra Pradesh and why Andhra Pradesh will be the best option for Hero Motors.

As a shocker to the neighbouring state of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh convinced Hero Motors. Hero announced its plan to Set up their 6th manufacturing plant in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh.

In Mr. Pawan Munjal’s own words at the Manufacturing Plant’s Foundation Stone Laying ceremony on 24 March, 2018.

We have finalized to go with another South Indian State. Then Mr.Naidu asked to meet me over dinner & in that 1 hour and half he convinced me to move Hero Motor Manufacturing to Andhra Pradesh

– Pawan Munjal, CEO of Hero Motors.

Hero Motors manufacturing plant in Sri City is being set up in 600 Acres with an investment of 1,600 Crores creating 2,000 direct and 10,000 indirect jobs.


This announcement from Mr. Munjal himself who heads World’s Largest Automobile Manufacturer has made it tough for the anti campaigners to counter on.

On the other hand, people of Andhra Pradesh have been comparing this with a similar move by Mr.Naidu during his quick meeting with Bill Gates where he convinced him to set up Microsoft Development Center in Hyderabad.

Talking about the BJP social media enthusiast’s attempts to unHero Mr.Naidu,

” Should everything that happens in the country be given credit to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi alone irrespective of who worked hard for it ?  So the Development in Gujarat when Modi was Chief Minister should be given to then Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh then ? ”  asks Chaitanya, a citizen of Andhra Pradesh.