Hudhud cyclone has caused a tremendous loss to Vishakhapatnam city. It has devastated the region financially and destroyed the beauty and greenery of the beautiful beach city. Andhra Pradesh state government has taken an important decision to restore the greenery of the city and bring back the beauty to the city.

With the support of people and institutions in the city, government is planning to plant nearly 2 lakh trees on a single day. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu, will be in Vizag to attend this Green Day and plant a tree along with thousands of people on 17th November.

In this context, state municipal minister has conducted meetings with government officials of Greater Vizag Municipal Corporation and sorted out several issues.

This destruction of trees is expected to raises the pollution factor as well as temperatures in the city, as preventive measure plants of selective species that grow faster and withstand heavy winds were identified and imported from neighboring states Karnataka and Orissa. 47,000 Plants reached Vizag already and are resting at Zoo before reaching City and making it green.

All protective measures are to be taken to protect these plants, so that this programme would be useful for future generations and Vishakhapatnam city.

Govt requested NGOs to stop planting Trees in an unplanned way. The Green day and Green drive has a plan of planting a Tree for every 5 meters in street and colony, also the plants of same species planting in each street to make it uniform and beautiful when they flower.

Between 17th and 30th of November, the aim of the state government and Greater Vizag Municipal Corporation is to plant more than 10 lakh plants in the city.

To recover the green cover in Vishakapatnam City, govt is planning for a 50 lakh plantations,Phase 1 of which is in this November with 10 Lakh Plantation in 20 days and 2 lakh plantations on a single day.

If you are from Vizag, save the date, its November 17th.

Plant a Tree, Rebuild Vizag. 

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