Best recliners for sleeping after shoulder surgery

Navigating comfort during shoulder surgery recovery can be a formidable task. Traditional beds may pose challenges in adjusting to specific positions with a tender or immobilized shoulder. This is where the efficacy of a recliner becomes apparent. A high-quality recliner facilitates rest and sleep through various recovery stages, prioritizing comfort while mitigating shoulder pain or strain at the surgical site.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into prime recliner options tailored for post-shoulder surgery slumber. We provide insights to aid in selecting the most suitable recliner based on individual needs and the unique trajectory of one’s recovery. By the end, readers will possess a comprehensive grasp of pivotal features to consider, ensuring optimal recliner choice aligned with surgery type and mobility status during the healing process.

Shoulder Surgical Varieties

Before delving into specific recliner recommendations, it is prudent to acquaint ourselves with prevalent shoulder surgeries and their ramifications on mobility during recuperation. Understanding the intricacies of each procedure aids in evaluating one’s position and mobility constraints when selecting an appropriate recliner.

Rotator Cuff Repair

The rotator cuff, a quartet of tendons stabilizing the shoulder joint, often succumbs to tears due to repetitive overhead activities or falls. Rotator cuff repair surgery involves reattaching the torn tendon to the upper arm bone (humerus).

Initial recovery mandates sling or brace use for comfort and repair site protection. Gentle range of motion exercises commence 4-6 weeks post-op, with significant shoulder functionality restoration expected within 3-6 months. Vigorous activities may be deferred for a year or more, contingent on age and healing progression.

Bankart Repair

A Bankart lesion, resulting from detachment of the shoulder labrum from the glenoid bone, is common in recurrent shoulder dislocations. Bankart repair surgery involves reattachment using sutures or implants.

Recovery parallels rotator cuff repair, with initial sling or brace use and gentle motion exercises beginning 4-6 weeks post-surgery. Complete healing typically occurs within 6-9 months, with a cautious one-year hiatus on contact sports to avert re-injury.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy, a minimally invasive surgical approach, employs small incisions and a miniature camera to access and visualize the joint’s interior. Procedures include repairing partial tears, removing loose fragments, addressing bone spurs, and managing impingement.

Arthroscopic recovery is comparatively swift, employing a sling initially for comfort. Gentle movement often commences within days, with near-normal shoulder function restoration within 4-6 weeks. Full strengthening, however, may necessitate 3 months or more.

Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder replacement surgery, or arthroplasty, becomes imperative for severe shoulder arthritis or resistant end-stage shoulder ailments. The procedure involves substituting shoulder joint components with prosthetics.

Recovery extends beyond other surgeries, involving at least 6 weeks in a sling or brace. Passive and active assisted motion exercises commence at 6 weeks, with strength and function restoration taking 3-6 months. Progressive improvements persist for up to a year post-surgery.

Considerations in Recliner Selection

Armed with insights into shoulder surgeries and their recovery trajectories, let’s dissect crucial factors influencing the choice of an ideal recliner.

Recline Range and Locks

Opt for a recliner boasting a substantial recline range, spanning from upright to fully reclined positions. This ensures comfort without constant adjustments, crucial for initial discomfort in reaching specific positions. Features like footrest extension and thigh tilt enhance versatility, with recline locks securing positions comfortably.

Back and Arm Support

Prioritize a recliner with augmented padding and support in the back and armrest zones. This promotes proper shoulder alignment, alleviating pressure on muscles and joints during repose. Customizable support is achieved through adjustable or detachable neck and lumbar pillows.


Easy ingress and egress from the chair are pivotal during recovery, particularly when mobility is restricted. Seek lightweight, rolling recliners with tilting armrests aiding in standing, eliminating the need for lifting or maneuvering over the front. Back cane arms or handles facilitate early-stage transfers.

Durability and Weight Limits

Recognize that heavier body weights exert more strain on mechanical components over time. Opt for robust recliners rated for 350+ pounds. Materials like leather or naugahyde offer easy cleaning compared to fabric. Sustained comfort and support should persist through years of use.


Financial considerations play a role, with premium leather recliners exceeding $1000, mid-range options falling in the $500-1000 bracket, and basic chairs starting at around $300. Align your investment with long-term needs and budget constraints. Sales and package deals provide opportunities for feature upgrades within budget constraints.

Prime Recliner Selections for Post-Shoulder Surgery Repose

Armed with decision-making criteria, let’s scrutinize several elite options for convalescing comfortably after shoulder surgery in a recliner.

Franklin Proguard Massage Recliner

Standing out as a pinnacle of luxury, the Franklin Proguard Massage Recliner boasts a premium price point. Beyond the zero-gravity and chaise positions conducive to sleep, it distinguishes itself with adjustable massage rollers targeting back, leg, foot, and buttocks areas. This aids muscle relaxation throughout the recovery phase.

Customized comfort is ensured through features like 4D automatic massage, dual lumbar supports, and pocketed coil cushioning for pressure relief. Wireless remote functionality simplifies position adjustments. Available in leather or microfiber upholstery, it accommodates up to 300 pounds. Remote-controlled heating provides additional therapeutic benefits.

Ideal for: Severe shoulder injuries demanding prolonged recovery. The massage functions effectively address aches and tightness during the healing process, offering plush support that targets pressure points comfortably.

Bestmassage Heated Vibrating Recliner

Competing with higher-end alternatives at a slightly reduced cost ranging from $1000-$1500, the Bestmassage Heated Vibrating Recliner features a potent zero-gravity position. Notably, it incorporates a vibrating lumbar heat massage function, ideal for soothing sore tissues during rest or sleep. Wireless controls facilitate convenient intensity adjustments from the chair.

Enhanced padding in the back, leg, and neck regions cradles joints delicately. Upholstery options include leather look, microfiber, or real leather, ensuring durability and ease of cleaning, crucial aspects during recovery. With a weight capacity of 250-300 lbs, it accommodates most body types comfortably.

Ideal for: Any shoulder surgery recovery benefitting from integrated massage and heat therapies to relax muscles in challenging-to-reach areas due to limited mobility or pain. Controls allow adaptable intensity, catering to evolving needs during healing.

Stressless Palisade Recliner

Under the Stressless brand, the Palisade recliner stands as a lifelong investment in ultimate comfort. Luxuriously styled in top-grain leather upholstery, it accommodates up to 550 pounds, surpassing the capacities of most recliners. Pocketed coils and 2.5 inches of soft cold-cured foam padding emulate true lazy-boy comfort.

Boasting an eight-way power headrest and lumbar supports, it contours to virtually any position, including zero-gravity. Ample legrest extension and dual-motored chaise lounge functionality facilitate fully reclined repose. Wireless remote control streamlines positioning, even with limited mobility.

Priced between $4000-7000, contingent on upholstery upgrades, its unparalleled construction and emphasis on ergonomic support position it as an ideal choice for extensive daily use during recuperation from major shoulder repairs and replacements, warranting a long-term investment.

Ideal for: Severe joint damage necessitating full-body support throughout recovery. The lifetime warranty ensures enduring comfort through evolving mobility phases, appealing to those willing to invest in enduring luxury.

Pride Lift Chair with Heat and Massage

Valued between $1500-$2500, contingent on fabric selections, the Pride Lift Chair provides elevated leg and headrest positioning without necessitating chair ingress or egress. Power lift assistance accommodates independent transfers, extending into the later stages of recovery.

Equipped with adjustable lumbar and leg massage therapies, coupled with micro-vibration relaxation, it ensures comfort throughout. Ergonomic contoured padding gently cradles, with powered controls enabling effortless position adjustments via the wireless hand control.

Removable and washable fabric covers withstand frequent cleaning during shoulder surgery recovery. The 350 lb weight limit suits most users comfortably, with wheeled mobility aiding room navigation during early immobility phases.

Ideal for: More intricate surgeries involving prolonged immobilization, where traditional chair transfers may not be feasible. Massage therapies and powered adjustments facilitate comfortable independent rest until regaining sufficient strength for conventional furniture use.