Best Baroque Arts Works

Best Baroque Arts Works

If you want to understand baroque Art works you don’t need much effort. As they were much alike todays dramatically posed and brilliantly contrast photography. Majority of these Artworks were produced during 17th Ce.

This glorified Art movement started in Rome and its magic soon captured the whole europe. In this article I would like to present you with some such art pieces those actually cultivated this Art movement.

Peter Paul Rubens, Education Of Princess @ Louvre

Peter Paul Rubens A famous name in the Baroque Period.  For his depiction of movement sensuousness of flesh and allegorically composing Christain Subject Matter. This painting is one of his masterpieces where he has used several symbols and dramatic lights to portray his subject matter. While the princess Marie is Studying both the God of Art And Wisdom supervising her, moreover to construct this perfect triangular composition Hermes is portrayed hanging down from the sky bringing her some Gifts from Gods.

Anatomy Lesson by Doctor Nicholas Tulp painted by Rambrant

This is a famous example of Dutch Art In the Baroque Period. Painted by the hero artist of that time, none other than Rambranth. Only he had the caliber to move light in such a dramatic way that nothing else you see except what he intends you to do.

Here a dissection scene is depicted in a way that it not only seems dramatic but holy too. Based on a true incident where a group of surgeons performing an autopsy that is being done on a criminal. This incident took place in Amsterdam and this painting narrates that incident. It was painted in 1632 the same year when this incident took place. The most impressive feature of this painting is its dramatic light, its play off expressions and if depiction of drama.

Gian Lorenzo Bernini Apollo and Daphne

This is another beautiful masterpiece of the baroque art period; the drama and the action portrayed in this sculpture is heart throbbing. Barnini  has carved this masterpiece with classical anatomy skill. Moreover, he has added all the drama, action and feelings of the baroque art period in this sculpture.

He has captured a crucial movement which is definitely heartbreaking. is being converted into the tree and Apollo’s restlessness and Daphne misery both are depicted with such a strong psychological impact. That can never be missed by any spectator who witnessed this art piece.  It was painted  in1625 that was the peak period of baroque art.

Artemisia Gentelischi Judith Beheading Holoferens 

This painting has always been my favourite in the Baroque period for several reasons. One being it painted by a female artist and a very few examples of female work are witnessed in the Baroque period. 

Its historical background along with the firm and spart expressions of Judith while slaying the head of General Holofernes. Moreover, how her maid is helping her without any hesitation.The play of light and dark is also well played,  well drawn and well composed.Light and emphasis on the faces and hands of the main figures, Judith and her maid is also  attained very well.

Judith is fearless and her maid is quite satisfied to help her mistress. Artemisia Gentillesse have designed this masterpiece in perfection by all means with its triangular composition. With its play of light and dark that was the main feature of the Baroque Art period.  

I don’t think that if you are studying baroque art and you are missing Artemisia Gentileschi Judith Beheading Holoferens you study can be completed. That is now displayed in National Museum of the Capodimonte.

Wrap Up

Though Baroque is a Golden era of Art ANd Literature and its main features are plays of light and dark and dramatic depiction. Which I provided you in this article can be the minimum best intro possible to this dramatic era of Art .