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Best AI Chatbots for Smart Brands and Marketers in 2023

The best AI chatbot and smartest Chabot have been incredibly popular over the past few years and have progressively become the norm for customer support across all industries as machine learning and natural language processing get more advanced. A sophisticated AI chatbot for business has practically limitless potential. It can gather data, interact with fans on social media sites and website visitors round-the-clock without waiting, qualify leads, and even close sales. Yet, the ability of artificial intelligence chatbots to learn and automatically handle related issues based on users’ data patterns sets them apart from conventional chatbots. In this post, we will discuss the best AI Chatbots for top mobile app development companies and smart brands.

Best AI Chatbots for Smart Brands and Marketers

Bing Chat

Microsoft unveiled a new, AI-enhanced version of Bing at the beginning of February that uses GPT-4, OpenAI’s most latest and advanced language model system. Because it is free and easy to use, the chatbot is a useful alternative to a traditional search engine. ZDNET tested the chatbot and found that ChatGPT solved two major issues by giving users access to the most recent news and connections to the sources it used to formulate its responses. Although Bing’s chatbot isn’t available to the general public, you may still join a queue.

Bing Chat is the only way to access GPT-4 without spending anything. If using the most recent OpenAI model alone wasn’t enough to sway you, Bing Chat’s access to the entire internet in addition to ChatGPT may.

Chat GPT

The most well-known AI on this list may be ChatGPT, but it isn’t a chatbot at all.

ChatGPT can produce incredibly comprehensible and believable answers to various themes based on the potent GPT-3 language model. The term “NLP model” is more appropriate when referring to ChatGPT. It was trained on substantial text data to produce responses to human-like text input. As a result, it can be used for various NLP tasks, including dialogue production, language translation, and text summarization.

OpenAI strives to improve the usability and naturalness of AI technologies. ChatGPT is given the title of the most fun chatbot as a result, while having the potential for more beneficial purposes.


Tidio sets itself apart from its competitors by providing a platform that enables you to create your chatbots without any coding knowledge. The large sA chatbot’s pre-written automatic responses can be set to respond right away to customer enquiries.

The utilization of these chatbots can help your upselling approach. Chatbots may turn prospects into paying customers by automatically recommending things and even offering a customized discount. In addition, you can allow customers to place orders immediately in the chat box.


Dashly provides a user-friendly chatbot builder with lead-generation automation tools. Visitors’ contact information can be gathered by their personalized chatbot and sent to your CRM or other customer management software. Online colleges, in particular, rely on this chatbot provider to get students who engage with webinars and landing sites to enroll in fee-based courses.

For instance, Learn-E uses Dashly chatbots to turn their traffic into leads effectively. It actively starts dialogues and uses button options to offer course schedules and discuss fees. A chatbot’s conversation with the lead creates a profile in the CRM system for management follow-up. Learn-chatbots E’s boosted conversion rates and generated $16,194 in revenue in just two months. Customers say Dashly is simple to install, so you don’t need technical expertise to add it to your website.

ProProfs Chat

With live chat software designed for 24/7 automation, you can connect, engage, and convert. Businesses looking for real-time website sales and support solutions can use ProProfs Chat, created exclusively for them. Platform users can create unique chatbots that automate assistance, convert leads, and increase sales. Coding expertise is not necessary to create chatbots with ProProfs. Within minutes, you may quickly personalize your conversation flow. Make greetings to your specifications, add product tours, and create chat invitation pop-ups. Use the chatbot to engage customers by offering customized greetings or product announcements.

ProProfs Chat contributes to a positive customer experience by anticipating queries, giving prompt answers, and resolving problems quickly. Chat widgets can be configured with canned responses and self-help materials to provide clients with in-the-moment answers to their inquiries.

Google Bard

Google has unveiled Bard, a new chatbot powered by LaMDA, to a select group of users in the United States and Great Britain. Presently, Bard can be used for various informal purposes, such as developing ideas for blog posts and outline writing. It is referred to as a “launchpad for curiosity” by Google. The new system appears to perform exceptionally well with queries based on logic and mathematics.

To its credit, Bard works hard to refrain from disseminating untrue material. Although it is still in the experimental stage, it does not always provide users with the same response and exhibits various biases. Future revisions of the technology will probably see a progression in business use cases, but for now, it needs further development to be completely customer-ready.

Google would be the first to admit that the chatbot is still learning and has certain issues like any new chatbot. According to Google, the technology can present erroneous information, so you shouldn’t rely on it for financial, legal, or medical advice. This developing technology might eventually be a useful tool for companies with more time and effort.


AI is becoming a crucial component of marketing for top mobile app development companies. AI is revolutionizing marketing as we know it, whether through chatbots, content production tools, or email marketing automation. The accuracy of AI technologies is assisting companies in making data-driven decisions and enhancing customer experience, which increases ROI. AI marketing solutions have several advantages, including time and money savings, decision-making automation, real-time customization, and sales forecasting. Get a free consultation with one of our experts to learn more about marketing automation and how AI can boost your marketing efforts.