Are the steps of your skincare routine in the correct order?

Each of us has a unique skincare routine ideal for our skin type. However, when it comes to using various products involved, the order of steps must follow a particular pattern. This sequence ensures that your skin draws maximum benefit from each item you apply.

So now the real question is, are you following the best order? It doesn’t matter how many items you include in your skincare. There are some consistent products you can find on a website such as Weleda. Are you curious to know what these are and what is the best skincare regime?

Read this blog to learn more.

Clean your skin first!

The most common reason behind problematic skin is dust and dirt that collects over it. To minimize the chances of particulates getting trapped in your skin, it’s necessary to keep it clean. Moreover, this also ensures that dirt mixed with sebum is not giving rise to new pimples.

The easiest and most commonly used method is just washing your skin with face wash. Make sure you remove all the dirt and makeup whenever you come home or before sleeping. For the same purpose, people also use cleansers for this purpose.

A cleanser is perfect for removing anything unwanted on your skin without needing water. It is sufficient to remove oil, makeup, dirt or dead cells from your skin surface. Also, remember to change your pillow cover for acne-free skin regularly.

Exfoliate and Tone it down!

After cleaning, your skin pores usually require a deeper level of cleaning. Using exfoliant after this can help you remove dead skin cells more efficiently. Moreover, they also unclog the skin pores, considerably reducing the chances of pimples.

Consider exfoliating your skin twice a week with suitable scrub. Next, use a toner to work magic on this skin by maintaining pH levels and reducing pore size. Moreover, it also helps by making your skin more receptive to the next step of skincare, which is providing hydration!

Don’t forget to hydrate your skin!

One of the essential requirements of healthy glowing skin is moisture nourishment. Hence using a serum or moisturizer every day is non-negotiable. Take some cream and gently massage your skin every day before bed or during a shower.

Usually, moisturizers and serums rich in hyaluronic acid or vitamin e are perfect for skin nourishment. Such creams make your skin flexible and are rich in antioxidants. Hoever, the best practice for healthy skin is drinking lots of water daily!

 Sunscreen is the most incredible skin saver!

As the last step of your skincare, don’t ever forget to apply sunscreen. Sunscreen is essential for its many other benefits, even if you’re not going out in the sun. Many people think it is only required to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays, but that’s not true.

In fact, it also makes your skin look like it is retaining its youth. They reduce significant aging signs such as wrinkles and tan lines. Hence, if you want to avoid sunburn and freckles and look young, don’t forget this vital step!

Tying it all up together

A proper skincare routine is necessary for everyone. You can choose some of these products, such as cleanser, toner etc., according to your skin type. In fact, products from Weleda and other such brands can help you achieve the perfect skin!

Healthy skin makes you feel better inside as well as outside. That is why it’s the go-to action for anyone who wants to start with some self-care. So what are you waiting for? Follow the steps suggested above and witness the change yourself!