With the increase in cases of Chickengunya and Dengue in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Chief Minister of state N Chandrababu Naidu kicked off ‘Domala pai dandayatra’ (war on mosquitoes) in Eluru with an aim to make Andhra Pradesh a happy and healthy state by eradicating mosquitoes.


At a rally, CBN urged the people to come forward to put an end to mosquito breeding menace, which often leads to spread of seasonal diseases and viral fevers. “People throw wastes on the road and the municipality then dumps it in the drains and ultimately it leads to mosquito breeding. The Eluru Municipal Corporation is letting the breeding go on,” he said. He pointed out that several places in and around the town have a lot of water-logging areas and open drains.


Highlights of ‘Domala pai dandayatra’:

1. ‘Mosquito hatao’ campaign will be taken up across towns, villages, mandals and cities in AP
2. Government has printed books on mosquito eradication and that the books will be given to all the students
3. Rallies will be organised in all 13 districts. Civic authorities along with school and college students took out rallies in Vijayawada, Anantapur, Tirupati, Visakhapatnam, Guntur and other areas