Ever wonder why you will never be happy working on someone else’s dream? Because your dream has become a Sheep – and Sheep gets slaughtered. India has been producing many herds in the past few years. Most of the High paid MBA’s and Engineers never make it. You need System, Discipline, and ideas. They are the PSH’s- Poor, Smart and Hungry on the rise. And no feelings. They don’t win them all and you don’t love them all, they keep on fighting and if they need a friend, they get a dog. There is a warzone of ideas at the valley and we need it here too.


In the last couple of years there have been many effective revolutions happening across India. Recollecting the split of Andhra Pradesh, Nirbhaya Incident, NDA taking over the Lok Sabha, Economic deviations and many more. But there was one revolution which was catching fire under our bellies, the START UP REVOLUTION. Here, we compete within the states and together with the Silicon Valley. Barrack Obama rightly quoted saying “India is not simply Emerging, it has emerged”.

Considering our Internet Penetration to be only about 10% compared to 78% in USA and 38 % in China we are yet scaling up the ladder to attain the global start up ecosystem. India definitely has shown promising success in Startup sector with the success of Flipkart, Snap deal, Red Bus, Matrimony and the great Indian Start up JUST DIAL. India has also seen a growth in Angel groups, Incubators etc. The govt’s new PPP (Public Pvt. Partnership) model Incubator has become the launch pad for many new startups and is being replicated in many states of India.

India’s start up ecosystem contains young students aged between 20- 30 years with small startup companies. E- Commerce is the only sector where the core start up competition exist in India. As per the trends the majority of startups in India reside in Bangalore and 33% of Indian startups are in E- Commerce. Meanwhile, the state of Andhra Pradesh has seen a constant growth in startup culture. With the advent of Make in India and Made in Andhra Pradesh campaigns there has been launch of PPP model Incubators and many foreign Investors are ready to bootstrap the early stage startups. Andhra Pradesh Government has inked an MOU with Kerala based incubator ‘Startup Village’.  The Sunrise Start Ups, the start up movement of Andhra Pradesh the Sunrise State was launched at the Cyber Valley of Visakhapatnam.

“For every family, there will be one computer literate and one entrepreneur. That is my vision and determination”.

-Mr.N. Chandrababu Naidu, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra has seen tremendous change in the ecosystem. The state has already organized several initiatives like the Startup Saturday which is held at Start up village to exchange ideas amongst all startups incubates.

“Startup Saturday helps the founders to understand the latest developments from mentors, co-startup founders and helps in building the learning curve”

– Kireeti Varma, Head- Operations and Student Relation at Sunrise Startups, Vizag.
The state has also witnessed events like STARTAP in Vijayawada and the launch of the famous Startup Weekend which has huge network in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Such initiatives reflect on the building ecosystem and growth of early stage startups.
The government has framed an Entrepreneur friendly policy encouraging students to venture into the start ups from their college itself. This gives an extra edge for the students to hit the market space in their early age and understand the intricacies. The Government is providing excellent facilities to leverage the potential of an Entrepreneur. The facilities like GAP YEAR- Concept of Student Entrepreneur in Residence and providing 5% grace marks and 20% Attendance every semester for student startups have won accolades from many students of Andhra Pradesh.
“The provision of Student Entrepreneurship Policy gives us a morale boost to pursue our dreams and think something ahead of our daily academic curriculum”

– Krishna Sharma, E- Cell representative, GITAM University


The IT department of Andhra Govt. has amused many entrepreneurs in this region by providing startups both the fiscal & non fiscal incentives. The effective Single Window System has made it simpler for a young startup to get approvals unlike the olden days. These drivers trigger the growth of a healthy culture and create competitive market space. The incubation centers in the state are in search for competitive startups and take them to the famous Silicon Valley for global Exposure.
There are many opportunities, issues which need to be tackled in India. The solutions are awaited and they need to be from youngsters like us through a business model. I urge people to Stay. Start. Shine in India. Get into an Incubator or Accelerator to avoid early mistakes as an Incubation gives you easy mentorship and build a strong dialog with the ecosystem.
When USA invented the first Computer we were busy fighting for our Independence and since then India could not be a part of the PC revolution. Indians are now experiencing the Smart Phone Revolution and many are browsing internet for the first time through their mobile phones. We are finally on par with the United States of America. But our Innovations need to touch more 800M people who are in need of help.

We are in search of an Indigenous Facebook and Apple. We will make it for sure. But the quotient is how fast?

This is time for you to take this Step towards success and Start Up. Come be part of Building the Dream of having an Entrepreneur in every house. Join Sunrise Start Ups movement and rise with the Sunrise State.


Siddarth Ram | Www.siddharthram.WordPress.com