• AP Farmers Development Organization formed by govt of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Organization to operate from Capital City Vijayawada.
  • Rs 5000 crores grant from state budget.
  • Official Inaugural on 22nd October.
  • Nation and International level expertise in governing committee.

Andhra Pradesh State government has created an organization for the development of farmers and agricultural sector. The organization was created in accordance with the 8th section in 2013 company act. Organization to operate from the capital city Vijayawada. Government chief sectary IYR krishna rao on Saturday released GO no 197 in regard. This organization will be working under state government and will create initial amount of Rs 1 crores. 10 lakh shares with each share worth Rs.10 were created. State government has funded the process of formation of organizations.

Six main objectives of farmers organization

  • Improving the production of crop and adding value to production by providing a reasonable market price. Monitoring the development of farmers and providing required information for achieving the profitable activity.
  • Organization to provide financial, scientific and technology support. Also, planning and implementing innovate solutions for day to day problems faced by farmers. Creating awareness in agriculture processing, animal husbandry, marine and forest products. Bringing changes in supply chain management of agricultural products.
  • Providing financial and technology support to farmers groups, associations and societies and to provide desired information and other support for development of Andhra Pradesh agricultural sector.
  • Advising the state government in fast tracking the process and changes needed for the growth in agricultural sector.
  • Gathering the required fund from different institutions with in state government policy, rules and regulation to make the organization run successfully promoting and developing the agriculture sector.
  • Raising funds from financial institutions, people, banks, bonds, funding agencies, monitoring value certificates and loans from governments.