Andhra Pradesh govt launched the Fiber Optic grid to connect every house in the state with a fiber optic connectivity. Andhra Pradesh is aiming to become the first state in the country to connect every household with internet giving them the access to the global information. The educated are leaving the villages and moving to towns and nearest cities to get access to infrastructure, of them being the Internet connectivity. CM Chandrababu Naidu who is aiming to create an entrepreneur and a computer literate in every house is looking at fiber optic grid as the first step towards it.

Though this program sounds more like the PM Narendra Modi’s Digital India project which is connecting India with Internet it widely differs with it as the digital India aims at connecting every village with a high speed optical fiber and not up to the household level. CM Chandrababu Naidu said that unless the households are connected, the project is not complete and cant yield results. If villages have fiber optic connectivity of high speed, the jobs which operate on internet connectivity will start moving to villages and the students from the rural have the opportunity to learn the latest advancements around the world.

The 1.2 Crore families in Andhra Pradesh state to be connected with Internet of 10-15 Mbps speed. This would literally enable an IT employee to work from Village. We might also see a start up coming up in a village.?!

Govt of Andhra Pradesh released an initial grant of Rs.10 Crores towards the grid construction. This project is part of the 5 Grids that the CM Chandrababu Naidu is planning to construct on the base of which the development will accelerate. A gas grid, water grid, power grid and road network being the other 4.  Google India is helping Govt of AP to make this project a success. Govt has decided to provide the service at only Rs.150 per month to enable rural to get empowered with information and technology.

Image Source: Jared Zammit