• Inland Water Transport (IWT) to be introduced in Andhra Pradesh. This will accelerate Tourism, also is a cheap and fuel efficient environment friendly transportation mode.
  • The government of India agreed to grant Rs.1500 crores for IWT project in AP as per the request of AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu.
  • Tenders announcement will be in December 2014 and work to start in February 2015.

Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) and Andhra Pradesh basic infrastructure authority together proposed the development of water ways along side of southeast coast of India from Kakinada to Pondicherry using the canals of Krishna, Godavari and other rivers.

Head office for this project will be located at Vijayawada. Central government officials and state government officials on deputation will be working on this project. The proposed 1078 kms of waterways in Andhra Pradesh:

  1. From Bhadrachalam to Rajahmundry on Godavari river – 171 kms
  2. From Wazirabad to Vijayawada on Krishna river – 157 kms
  3. From Kakinada to Rajahmundry on Kakinada canal – 50 km
  4. From Rajahmundry to Eluru on Godavari- Eluru canal – 74 kms
  5. From Eluru to Vijayawada on Krishna- Eluru canal – 65 kms
  6. From Vijayawada to Pedaganjam on Kamuru canal – 213 kms
  7. From Pedaganjam to Chennai on North Buckingham canal – 316 kms
  8. From Chennai to Mercaunam on South Buckingham Canal – 110 kms
  9. From Mercaunam to Pondicherry on kulluveelli tank – 22 kms

This 1078 KM Water way project was recognized by the Govt of India as National Waterways- 4.  The first phase of the NW-4 to be developed between Rajamundry to Badrachalam enabling water ways throughout the year and with yards along the river Godavari.

Rejuvenation of Buckingham canal and developing National water ways in Andhra Pradesh to promote tourism and cheaper mode of transport was one of the prime election manifesto items of the Telugu Desam Party, following the lines, CM Chandrababu Naidu with his influence in Central Government moved the file in months getting the clearances for the project.

A preliminary survey suggested that 11 million tonnes of cargo is expected to be transported through National Waterway -4  every year. Types of cargo include coal, rice, food grains, cement, Fertilizers, Forest Products, Salt and other cargo. The Godavari river system flows through the Badrachalam forests and Coal deposits. The Krishna river flows through limestone deposits and Cement industries. The beautiful forest belt and krishna-godavari delta with boat enabled tourism to boost the Andhra Pradesh tourism. As a multi-benefit project, National Waterways is attracting the attention of the country.