All About Aluminium Ute Trays

A ute tray cannot be overstated when moving various objects from place to place. To top it all off, it contributes to the security of motor vehicles. Steel, alloy, or aluminium are the most common materials for ute trays. Aluminium ute trays in Victoria are often more reflective and lighter in weight. Therefore, it’s better to carry an enormous burden. An aluminium tray can hold up to 900 pounds yet weigh just 100. In Victoria, you may get a wide selection of ute trays, each with its rugged construction. The blueprints are custom-made by the dealers according to the buyers’ needs. The vast majority of shops in Victoria make these trays in-house out of aluminium waste and metal sheets. When installed in the trunks of vehicles, these trays make a significant amount of extra room and reduce the strain on the tyres.

Here are some of how aluminium ute trays excel above their steel counterparts.

  • Aluminium is less dense than steel; hence it weighs less. This means less money is spent on gas for your car. Tires last longer as a result.
  • Aluminium trays cause far less pollution than their steel counterparts.
  • To prevent rust and corrosion, use aluminium, a lightweight metal. Moreover, it does not rust or corrode since it is non-ferrous. On the other hand, steel is ferrous and resistant to corrosion.
  • Aluminium’s inherent resistance to corrosion makes it a suitable material for use near seawater. Yet, exposure to salt water causes steel to rust.
  • If it’s required, aluminium trays can be repainted. And if anything does go wrong, it’s easy to remedy.

The aluminium trays for utes have several benefits.

  • The reduced price might be helpful to farmers, plumbers, and others in the service industry. Any environment is safe for using the tray. The lockable canopy provides an additional safeguard. Because of its flexible design, the deck can accommodate a wide variety of cargo, including water containers, toolboxes, and spare tyres.
  • This aluminium tray is an excellent option for replacing a worn-out one because it is durable, lightweight, and easy to install.
  • Its sturdy aluminium design has withstood years of wet, cold, and rusty weather. Objects of considerable size can be shipped without special packaging or decoration.
  • Numerous trays are available for your pick. It comes in various sizes to meet a wide range of cabin dimensions. These trays are modified for specific needs.
  • If you need extra room for storage, expanding it is not difficult.
  • The robust build and efficient weight distribution ensures that this will last a long time.


In Victoria, you may buy ute trays that have been factory installed and are, therefore, not remarkably adaptable. Aluminium ute trays in Victoria may be custom-made for several uses. Double-height sidewalls and tie rails make these trays suitable for use in the bed of a pickup truck. These trays are great for long-term storage since their metal design ensures they won’t break. These trays work admirably in every environment.


These trays are so beneficial that their installation is highly suggested. Whatever line of business you’re in, having a spacious back seat and dependable use in Victoria is a must. Before you start looking for the most fantastic designs, it’s a good idea to list the things you hope to do with your ute. Compile a checklist of features that are important to you before purchasing trays.