As soon as the government announced  the name of the new capital of Andhra Pradesh as Amaravathi  there has been a considerable debate on that decision. People familiar with ancient telugu history are happy with the move and people who are fond of the modern telugu culture and history are wondering about the reason behind it. Here is a quick analysis that will clear up your doubts and give you a new perception on the name.

1. Amaravathi was the first capital city of Andhra desam, the ancient telugu country.

Satavahana Empire

Satavahana kingdom with Amaravathi as capital

Yes, you heard it right. The people speaking telugu had their own country 2000 years ago and it was called “Andhra desam” which was ruled by The Mourya and Sathavahana dynasties. The Telugu Kings ruled almost half of India from this very place called Amaravathi.

It was one of the most richest cities in the south in that era and it remains as a witness to the Telugu glory.  The city was later divided into Vijayawada, eluru, vuyyuru, Amaravathi etc.

2. The ancient Amaravathi holds a importance in Buddhist culture.

AmaravatidhyanabuddhaSource : The famous Buddha stupam of Amaravathi.

The Buddhist stupa build by the Mouryas is the biggest buddhist stupa in the whole India and was an extremely active spiritual destination for buddhist back then. Its still receives visits from Buddhists around the world.

3. The name has a prominence in Buddhist countries.


This will increase a chance making good relation which helps securing investments and Infrastructural help from Buddhist countries like Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Korea. This will also make it a admired spiritual and tourist destination for Buddhists in near future.

4. The name works good for both Buddhism & Hinduism alike. 

The new capital will emerge as a spiritual destination for Buddhists and Hindhus Considering the Famous Durga Temple which is adored by Hindus and the Buddha Stupa located in the present Amaravathi, naming the capital as Amaravathi will work good for both the religions as Amaravathi is a name that holds it importance in the history of both the religions.

5. Choosing a name related to  the rich history of Andhra helps will be  beneficial in long term.

As soon as the plan for a new capital was announced people from different Sects of the society came up with proposals to name the capital on the name respective legends from their own Sects/Castes. As you know it cannot be done on one side,  Naming it after Vijayawada or Guntur might project it only as a particular city on the other side. So the new capital needs a new name that is not controversial and represents a positive warmth/emotion. This way Amaravathi will be a good choice as it is directly related to our state’s history.

6. The location of the capital is a very wise decision by the government.

New Capital of Andhra Pradesh State Vijayawada

The city being located between Guntur and Vijayawada , two already established cities is a added benefit as it takes it a very less time to grow into a metropolitan city with its own prominence.

7. Amaravathi has been recently declared as a cultural heritage site of the central government. This helps its name grow faster and comes with funds for development and rules that keep the heritage site maintain its glory.

8. Amaravathi School of Art has its significant place in Indian History. 

Source : Wikipedia/MaraAssault

Amaravathi, Gandhara and Madhura school of arts date back to 3rd century and taught Arts to India Centuries ago. Amaravathi Sculptures have a great significance in Ancient Indian Art. The Amaravathi Sculptures are a special attraction in the Museums in London and Paris.

9. Almost all the capital cities of South India were built or named by invaders of that era,  Hyderabad by Gulf Invaders of  that time (16th century) , Banglore , Delhi &  Madras by British Invaders).

So, this will be one of the prestigious moments in Indian history as the capital is being build and named by our own people reflecting our own ancient telugu culture and legacy.

Well, that undoubtedly makes Amaravathi the best fit for the name of the New Capital City to bring the Telugu Cultural Glory Back.