1. The Most Efficient :

CM wanted to count how many Non Telanganites are residing in Telangana so that he can use that data to take decisions so as to apply the benefits to only Telanganites.  Courts bashed this idea and KCR had to change his survey form.

Coming to the Survey, Its first of its kind in India, where a state government declared a two day holiday through out the state and asked everyone to move back to their hometowns and Stay home and co operate with the surveyors. The fear of cancellation of Ration and other benefits made Millions move to hometowns in a single day stopping the functioning of state for 2 days. This survey was done on August 19th and the usage of the survey isn’t seen anywhere yet though. People are still waiting for the Telangana Citizenship Cards as it was explained by some. ?

2. The Digging Expert:

The best from him was this warning to media that he will break their neck and bury them 10 kms underground.  I mean, seriously.?!  how can one bury a media person 10 kms underground. This guy is super brave, but ended up being on Arnab Goswami’s special show #HitlerCM.

3. The History Expert:

KCR is great at history. Its his knowledge in history which made him fight the Telangana moment and bring the new State of Telangana into existence. The very same history expert very easily forgot history and started praising Nizam from the day one of his CMship and asked the media that there is nothing wrong in praising Nizam. The historic fight of Telanganites ” Telangana Sayudha Poratam” against the Nizam Razakar rule where women of Telangana were forced to play Bathukamma nudely and were treated as slaves under the razakaars is considered as the uniting factor and the spirit of Telanganites.

The Telangana society fought against the Nizam Rule and brought it down with the help of Sardar Patel who deployed the Indian Army and freed Hyderabad State merging it into India. For those who don’t know, Nizam wanted Telangana to be a territory of Pakistan and fought against its merger with India. Thanks to Sardar Patel. Well, KCR’s daughter K Kavitha’s comments that Kashmir and Telangana are not part of India and were forced to merge by India brought some real fire in the patriotic Indians. Lets not get into the skills of KCR’s family where KCR’s son is the IT Minister, Daughter is an MP and Nephew is Another crucial minister.

4. The Extremely Generous:

He gave Sania Mirza 1 Crore rupee cash prize for winning a tournament. Everyone raised their eyes, people expressed anger on how can CM not care hundreds of Farmer Suicides and give Crores of rupees to Sania Mirza. After a Month, Sania won another Tourney, Guess what the CM did.?!  Called her up to office, gifted her another Crore.  2 Crores in 2 Months. Note: This has no connection with MIM and Sania being Pakistani bahu. ?

 5. The Doctor with a magical hand: 

Telangana stood no.1 in Swine Flu cases with around 500 confirmed cases and 17 deaths, second being Delhi with 300 Cases. Telangana CM KCR visited the Hospital and organized a press meet ridiculing that Swine Flu is a 3rd degree virus and the situation is under control.

KCR called PM Narendra Modi asking for help to control Swine Flu. As everyone expected, he sacked T Rajaiah, the state’s Health Minister from the cabinet who was also the Deputy Chief Minister.

6. The Gutsy Guy out there: 

The Telangana CM KCR is the super gutsy guy who called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a Fascist, Useless Fellow and Coward.

7. Best Farmer of India: 

KCR has a Farm House of 60 Acres and this Super Farmer in his own words said that he makes an annual income of 10 Crores with Capsicum and Potato crop. I think its time for this Agricultural Scientist to share his practices with the Nation and make India exceed US economy.

8. The Visionary Genius: 

As soon as he became the CM of Telangana, he got a brilliant Idea, opened the Hyderabad map and put his finger at two places around the city and said Hyderabad is going to have two more airport at these two places to make the connectivity increase for Hyderabad. Hyderabad with 3 International Airports and Pilots getting confused on which one to land in.!  How cool is that.?!

9. The Brilliant Guy of the Team:

A meeting was held with officers on how to clean up Hussain Sagar. The CM KCR came up with an amazing Idea, “Empty Hussain Sagar and fill that with Fresh water from Rivers”.

Glad, India has a leader who has shown a path forward for the whole nation on how to clean lakes and rivers. There are just a bunch of things to explain the coolness of this super Awesome Multi Talented Guy.!  Too much for a just born State Isn’t it.?! Wait, there’s a bigger news, He is soon going to be announced as Indian of the Year by CNN IBN.  ?   Congrats Mr.KCR, you deserve many more. ?