4 Various Benefits Of SIL Services In Australia

The NDIS in Australia provides various services to assist people with disabilities who don’t have any other means to support themselves. Supported Independent Living (SIL) is part of the NDIS that helps with support through accommodation and assistance with daily tasks with the help of trained staff.

Although NDIS services are in high demand across the country, applicants can check the demand map to see how their state or province fares. Of course, the accommodation layout will also depend upon the level of disability of the person and how much assistance they need with their daily chores. However, depending on the vacancy, applicants can choose from regular houses with customised accessories, shared housing, apartments and even villas. However, there are plenty of accommodation layouts for all the needs and preferences, so don’t be discouraged if one isn’t found immediately.

Benefits Of SIL in Australia:

The following are some of the best benefits that disabled people will get if they go a SIL programme:

  1. A Step Towards Being Independent: SIL will put people in an environment where they must strive to be independent and make decisions for their lives. However, there will always be professional staff and trained employees to assist these people in any way and are ready to provide 24/7 assistance in any facet of their life, whether it’s cooking, cleaning, needing a hand with personal care or hygiene, taking care of the various chores around the house and other activities like assisting with the bills and gardening.
  2. Getting To Meet New People From All Walks Of Life: Supported Independent Living is all about forming a more comprehensive social environment so that people can interact with others who know the same struggles and challenges in life. The staff will help them find other people who share the same interests and goals in life. People can improve their communication skills and find companions for their accommodation by getting to know other members.
  3. Safe And Secure Environment: SIL will always prioritise the safety and freedom of those who join the programme. The place will have all the tools and equipment necessary to ensure the safety of the members and handle any issues. Living in a safe and secure area will also alleviate the stress on parents, families and guardians of disabled members. Of course, members will also have the freedom to personalise their rooms to whatever design or style they find best.
  4. Enjoy New Opportunities: People who join the SIL programme will enjoy plenty of opportunities to participate in activities, events, and social functions and spread their wings. It’ll be a more fulfilling life as members can take pleasure in enjoying activities that they find interesting and even connect with other people who have the same hobbies and passions in life.

Of course, applicants or people who want to join the SIL can always choose to live in the housing arrangement on their terms, too, and NDIS will always recognise the rights and interests of the people:

  1. People can choose who provides their support and hire more than one provider to cater to their needs.
  2. If the providers aren’t acting according to the wishes of the people, or if they don’t have the best interests of the people that hired them in mind, then they can be rejected.
  3. Members are free to ask providers and staff if they have a conflict of interest. They can reject services and other offers of support if they don’t need it.
  4. Members have the right to withhold personal information if they don’t feel comfortable sharing it with the support provider.