1. Her given name was Kiran Peshawaria. 

Kiran bedi couple

We know her as Kiran Bedi but her real name is Kiran Peshawaria. Her father is Prakash Peshawaria and her mother was Prem Peshawaria. She changed her name when she married Brij Bedi.

2. She’s has a PhD degree from IIT Delhi. 

Kiran Bedi at work

She completed her schooling from scared heart convent school of Amritsar. She passed her graduation degree in English from government college for woman in Amritsar. She did her masters in political science from Punjab university. She also has a degree in law from university of Delhi. She obtained her PhD in social sciences from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi in 1993. Her subject was drug abuse and domestic violence.

3. She was a National and Asian Tennis Champion. 

Kiran Bedi as tennis star

4. The First Women IPS officer of India.

Kiran Bedi rare picture

She got selected for Indian Police Service( IPS ) in 1972 and became the first IPS officer of India.  In her career, she held many positions, such as Traffic commissioner of New Delhi, Deputy Inspector General of Police Mizoram, Director General of narcotics control bureau.

Btw, Doesn’t she look like Parineethi Chopra.?! ?

5. A United Nations medal awardee and a Honorary doctorate recipient. 


She has been appointed as the Director General of India’s Bureau of Police Research and Development. Earlier, she served as the Police Advisor in the United Nations peacekeeping department. For her noteworthy performance, she was awarded with the UN medal. In the year 2005, she received the honorary degree of Doctor of Law.

6. Recipient of the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award also called the Asian Nobel Prize. 

Kiran bedi at Philippines for an award reception.
Kiran bedi at Philippines for an award reception.

7. Recipient of the Los Angeles, State of California Special Recognition award. 

Los Angeles Recognition award for Kiran bedi

8. She served a Inspector General of Prisons at Tihar Jail, the South Asia’s Largest Prison. 

Kiran Bedi in Tihar Jail

She served as the IG of Tihar Jail and initiated a number of measures such as detoxification programs, Art of living prison courses, Yoga, vipassana meditation, Murat redressing of complaints by prisoners and literacy programs.

9. Lead the India Against Corruption Moment along with Anna Hazare. 

Kiran Bedi and Anna Hazare

She was one of the Promising and Lead of the Jan Lokpal Moment, the Anti Corruption and biggest public moment in India after the Independence Moment.

10. Australian Film maker made a film based on her Life and Achievements.

Kiran Bedi praying

A non fiction feature film on Kiran Bedi’s life, Yes Madam, Sir, has been produced by Australian film maker, Megan Doneman. This film was screened in film festivals around the world. Its commentator is an Academy Award winner, Helen Mirren. Kiran Bedi was present during its screenings in Toronto, Dubai and Adelaide, and to address the Q&A sessions at the end of each show.

The documentary made a clean sweep of the award categories—“Best Documentary” with a cash award of $100,000, the biggest prize for a documentary in any film festival in the US and the Social Justice Award with $2500 at Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Yes Madam, Sir got a unanimous vote from the jury.

A Telugu Insirational Movie Kartavyam was filmed on her story starring Vijayashanti in 1990 and was a huge success and stood as an Inspiration for women.

11. The Author and the Books. 


Two biographies of Kiran Bedi titled ‘I Dare’ and ‘The Kindly Baton’ have been published. She authored the ‘government@net’ and has written three books – ‘What went wrong’, ‘As I see’ and’ ‘It’s Always possible’ – a book which deals with her unique experiment of transforming the largest prison in the world.

12. Founder of Navajyoti (1988) & India Vision Foundations.


Kiran Bedi laid the foundation for the establishment of two voluntary organizations, namely, Navajyoti (1988) & India Vision Foundation (1994). These organizations were primarily set up with the aim of improving the living conditions of the drug addicts and the underprivileged people. The effort of Kiran Bedi has paid and brought her worldwide recognition. Her works have always earned appreciation. For drug abuse prevention, her organization was presented with the Serge Soitiroff Memorial Award by the United Nations.

13. Awards after Awards. 


For her outstanding work, Kiran Bedi has received a number of accolades like:

  • President’s Gallantry Award (1979)
  • Women of the Year Award (1980)
  • Asia Region Award for Drug Prevention and Control (1991)
  • Magsaysay Award for Government Service (1994)
  • Mahila Shiromani Award (1995)
  • Father Machismo Humanitarian Award (1995)
  • Lion of the Year (1995)
  • Joseph Beuys Award (1997)
  • Pride of India (1999)
  • Mother Teresa Memorial National Award for Social Justice (2005)

Kiran Bedi with Indira Gandhi

14. Lead the Police Contingent at Republic Day Parade in 1973 

Kiran Bedi leading the Police Contingent on Republic Day 1973

15. She put an End to Akali-Nirankari Sikh roits at India Gate in 1977. 

kiran bedi as IPS officer

16. As  DCP of  West Delhi she broke up 200 year old Illicit Liquor Trade in 1979. 

Indira Gandhi with IPS officers Kiran Bedi

17. She ordered the pending 1600 Promotions to be implemented in a Single Day as a DCP in 1985. 

Kiran Bedi with K C Pant Home Minister of India


18. The True IPS working for Law and Order even after Retirement. 

Kiran bedi speech at a conference

After retirement in 2007, Kiran Bedi launched a new website. The goal of this website was to help people whose complaints are not accepted by the local police. http://www.saferindia.com/kiranbedi/

19. The Crane Bedi. 

Kiran Bedi in breakfast with Indira Gandhi

An interesting thing about Kiran Bedi is that, sometimes, she is referred to as Crane Bedi. The reason behind calling her by this name is that, she dragged the car of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi with a crane due to violation of parking rules.

20. She Served as United Nations Civilian Police Adviser. A first women to hold this position in the United Nations. 

Kiran bedi at her office in United Nations
Kiran bedi at her office in United Nations.

She stood as an Inspiration to the Nation with her Service and Dedication. A women standing tall in the Indian History. Salute.!