1. Getting into an RTC bus was never so competitive.


Gitam Bus`Source : Facebook

2. The moment Beach road becomes Race Track.
Gitam road at college timeSource :Facebook

3. The feel we get when we have to get the library books renewed.

book renewal gitamSource : Facebook

4. Because there isn’t logic during exams, only magic.

gitam studySource : Facebook

5. Throw a stone and it falls on a Photographer.

gitam photographer

6. Nuff said..

gitam tcsSource : Facebook

7. You know you’ve done this sometime in your life too !

Source : Facebook


9. Cutting a cake because its Tollywood hero’s birthday.

gitam pawan kalyanSource : Facebook

10. Doing this in the lab.

gitam labSource : Facebook

11. Questions rock , students shock.

gitam mid examsSource : Facebook

12. Meanwhile, some achievements.


13. Y U do dis GITAM.

Source : Facebook

14. Engineering , oh god why ?!

gitam questions


15. Come on, you know what I mean !

Gitam fest

16. The number of rules in the campus are too damn high !


17. Security guards who think their job beats the secret service’s job.

gitam security


18. Those doubtful days, when AU and JNTU guys have a Holiday and you are not sure about it yet.?!  ?
gitam holiday


18. One night batting FTW !


19. Control + C and control + V for the win !

gitam times.jogSource :Facebook

20. Despite all of this, we still love our college.!  We all leave the college as proud Alumni of GITAM and we are all proud of it.

Gitam Rocks \m/

gitam rocks

Source: Facebook/ The Gitam Times


Southie Writer: Saurabh Rao.