• That road trip you have been planning with your friends from a long time.

JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN. Do you think you are busy now? You have no idea how life makes you dance when you are out of your college & enter the corporate/business world. make time for yourself, NOW!!!

  • Plan a surprise B’day celebration for your mom with your friends at 12AM.

You are her only obsession, her definition of life and you better give her a hell of lot of good memories to live for.

  • Take your dad on a bike to that Dhabha where you go with your friends.

For 18 years, he has been protecting/caring you. This is the right time you transform your relation from Dad-Son to FRIENDS

  • That girl who your best friend is having a crush from 2 years and afraid to confess, tell her the story ?

It’s fun, trust me on that, thank me later ?

  • Plan a celebration for your Lecturers’ on the Teachers day.

Yes, we always have a TOM & JERRY relationship with them. They might strict, boring, orthodox, what not. But once you are out of your college you’ll start missing them.

  • When life gets confusing, take a solo ride on your bike, make friends on the road, click photos, write your heart out and return home as a different person.

Every one of us had been /will be in that situation at some point of time and sometimes all you need is solitude and a new environment.

  • Go to that coffee shop/restaurant/tiffin shop that’s your hangout spot and compliment the person who serves you, tell them that they are amazing.

While having fun with our friends, we fail to notice how awesome they are.

  • That girl you are seeing and never had a gut to talk, Go & give her a compliment.

Sometimes LATER might become NEVER. Better do it now.

  • When you get caught cheating in your exam & your exam gets cancelled, SMILE AT THE SQUAD while you are leaving. Make a train ride with your friends.

Trains are fun, double fun guaranteed. ?

  • That best friend who always cared for and you took granted for, take a moment and appreciate him in front of every one.

We always have that friend and they are the people who stand by us in hard time.

  • Blow a 100 hydrogen balloons early in the morning and fly them with a card wishing them in front of your friend’s house on his/her birthday.

Do it and capture their expression, #Priceless.

  • Make heroes (not actors) , find them ,meet them.

You need to have a hero if you want to grow in life, find your heroes.

  • That gang who you mutually hate from a long time, make peace with them.

Smile at them for a day. Return to your hating mode again. The egos won’t matter when you are out of college.

  • Learn to whistle, go to your Favorite hero’s movie on the first day with your gang and cry/scream/whistle your heart out.

You are not a South Indian student if you don’t do it!