The ‘Maha Laddu’ which is always offered to the mega Ganesh idol of Khairatabad every year is now changing its course to Vizag this year. Sri Bhaktanjaneya’s Suruchi foods, the popular maker of sweets from Tapeswaram in East Godavari, usually offers a 6000 kilo laddu to Khairatabad Ganesh idol every year on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturdhi.

Polisetti Mallibabu, owner of Suruchi Foods, said “I was under pressure from the organizers of the Khairatabad Ganesh idol on the size of the laddu” and they did not allow him to make bigger size since they found distribution of the laddu a big problem. But however, he had planned to set a Guinness record this time by offering a laddu of more than 10,000 kg

Having got the attention of people of united Andhra Pradesh by offering a mega laddu to the tallest Khairatabad Ganesh idol from the year 2010, Mallibabu has decided to give a 12,500-kg ‘Maha Laddu’ to the mega Ganapathi idol that is going to be installed in the Gajuwaka area of Visakhapatnam and a 500-kg Laddu to Khairatabad, this year.

He said that the first Maha Laddu was given to them free of cost in 2010 when the size was 600 kg; in 2011 it became 2,400 kg; in third year 3,500 kg; fourth year 4,200 kg; fifth year 5,200 kg; and sixth year (2015) they offered 6,000 kg.

The reason why they wanted to make the 12,500-kg laddu was to surpass the previous record of the 11,115-kg laddu that was prepared at Ambaji town of Gujarat. Mr. Mallibabu said this laddu would cost Rs.30 lakh and he was ready to bear the amount with the support of his friends in this area and offer it to Gajuwaka Ganesh idol free of cost. Mr. Mallibabu and 20 others will make the ‘Laddu’ in their home-cum-factory at Tapeswaram on August 28 after performing Ganesha puja and doing Ganesh Mala dharana. The actual making of laddu will start on September 2 and finishing touches will be given the next day and it will be displayed to the public on September 4 and transported to Visakhapatnam on the same day.

The ingredients of the 12,500-kg Laddu include 400 kg of Cashew nuts,Badam (200 kg), Yellow camphor (20 kg), Cardamom (38 kg), Bengal gram (3,350 kg), Ghee (2,400 kg) and 4,950 kg of Sugar.