Vijayawada, popularly known as Bezawada is a place of it’s own class. ?

You’re likely to see the most amazing and also the most unique people there!

Here are 10 things that you’re likely to witness only in Vijayawada


1.  They ‘have to’ attend all the tuitions in the world.

Maths tuition – CHECK.

Physics tuition – CHECK.

Chemistry tuition – CHECK.

Singing tuition? Wait, what?!

teacherSource : Giphy

2) You can find a bike like this only here! ?

Whoever said it’s good to wear your love on your sleeve. Hahaha.

Vijayawada bike 2Source :sbdb.comVijayawada bikeSource :sbdb.com

3. Tollywood is a religion here.

“Zindaabaad BALLAYYA BABU!” says one, while “Edisaavvv! POWER STAR fans ikkada!” says another.

and yes, there starts WORLD WAR 3. ?

vijayawada theatreSource : Forumkeralam.com

4. Relatives are worse than exams in this City.

“Em babu, markulu enni vachayi monna? IIT kaakapoyina BITS aina kodatava?”

“Enti amma, moham ninda motaalu vachesayi? Chips thintunnava ekkuva?

They never fall short of complaints.

angry gifSource : Giphy.com

5. Gossip spreads like wildfire.

“Arrey ninna vaallu iddaru Seven Days deggira kanipincharu ra”.

“Arrey thelusa? Ninna vaalliddaru chethulu pattukuntu thirugutu unnaru”.

And then, the story changes with each person. ?

gossipSource : Illusterated

6. Every school has a type and an abbreviation.

All the classy, rich people go to VPS (Vada Pappu Sambar)

All the dignified, intelligent people go to NSM (Naththi Suththi Mental)

All the hardworking, down-to-earth people go to Nalanda (Lol, even worse – doesn’t have one.)

school indiaSource : Flickr

7. There are ONLY two options after 10th grade.

Narayana, or Chaitanya?

“Heck! I’m in the CHAI-NA batch!” ?


8. Parents are always more inquisitive about the other children in the town.

“Evandi? Enti abbayi paristithi? Entha package vachindi enti ?”

“5 lakshalu andi”

“Anthena? Pakkinti Rama gaari ammayiki 5.1 lakshalu anta andi”.

Yes. 0.1  lakh COUNTS!

And you’re like…WHO CARES?

I hate you gifSource : Giphy.com

9. They’re die-hard CINEMA loyalists! Every one of them! ALMOST.

“Oreeyyy, FIRST DAY FIRST SHOW. Lekapothe narikestha” is a cliche phrase prior to a blockbuster’s release.

moviesSource : Vams

10. Think twice before you mess up with Bezawada Boys. They Slap first and then talk about the Issue. 

brahmi beatingSource : TollyGif


11. Anyone belonging to one’s caste is his/her relative.

ntr brahmi gifSource : Nandamuri fans

“Baa! NAIDU ante mana vaalle kadha?”

“Ammannii, avunu ra. Chandra Babu manode!”

I’m telling you; if at all CASTE was a degree, the entire city would be educated! ?

12. Say a word against Vijayawada, and HELLO?

“Asala Vijayawada gurinchi em thelusani vaagutunnav?”

And then comes the endless list of prodigies from Vijayawada! ?

brahmi angry gifSource : DesiGifs

But all said and done, people from Vijayawada are UNIQUE and AMAZING in a way of their own!

Dedicated to the Blazing Bezawada folks.

Though this has been the Typical BeZaWaDa, its emerging as one of the Best Cities of South India with Capital of Andhra Pradesh being declared in and the Next Gen kids are awesome trying Entrepreneurship making it one of the Start Up destinations and the Universities around Vijayawada generating the best resources around.

Time to say we are Proud of Bezawada.  Idhi Bezawada.. Ikkada Inthe.!    B)

Southie Writer: Vaishnavi Ray