1. You will be the first Victim in your class when ever correction of home works starts.



2. Sometimes you don’t know what’s the situation is when teacher suddenly calls

“who is roll number one… Come fast”

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3. People after your roll number get ready for the punishment after you face it first. ?

The Lab Rat always gets tested first. ?


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4. You will feel very happy when the teachers call the last roll numbers first for checking home work.

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5. You feel very angry with your teacher who is very strict at the beginning of your roll numbers and goes lite on people of roll numbers later.


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6. No matter you are a poor student or bright student the teacher always recognize you even at nook corners


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7. And the role of your roll number won’t leave you in your higher studies  also you are the first person to talk with your HOD about attendance shortage.IDDARYSource :youtube

8. You need to wake up early in the morning while others are sleeping as if there is no practical exam any time soon.

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9. you get so obsessed with the number one that it at times appears on your T -shirt. ?


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10. You need to sit in the First  bench and you don’t have any choice at all while others are copying.

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11. The Most excitement part of all the engineering education life is VIVA.. You can’t escape from it… And you will become the most famous one of the Section and everyone will be waiting for you to come out of Viva and talk about how was that.


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You will end up creating email Ids as:

email: JAFFA 01@gmail.com Password: Roll number1.  ?


Dedicated to all the Roll No.1’s who dedicated their life in school and colleges to lead the Class from the front taking everything that comes in the way  ?

Southie Writer: Gopinath.

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