1. India’s Biggest Navy Fighter Ship.


INS Visakhapatnam code named  Project 15 B is the latest stealth destroyer in our Navy fleet and is declared the most powerful of its kind in the new age stealth destroyers and it is announced to be inducted in the Indian Navy by 2018.

2.  When it marks something, you can be sure that it’ll hit it. 


SourceIndian Navy

Its advanced weapons-sensor suite includes a vertical launch Surface missile which helps it shooting aircrafts flying above it with real ease and Surface-to-Surface Missiles for long distance battle  which helps it to shoot sea based targets and targets that are located on the shoot.



3. It is majorly Indigenous where 65% of its structure is built by our own Indian engineers.

SourceMinistry of Defence, India.

4. Guess its weight.

Weighing 7,300 tonnes and being 163 meters in length, it the largest destroyer commissioned by the Indian Navy. A setup of 4 gas turbines each as big as a 1 room apartment work together to propel it. A monster of its own.

5. The most lethal destroyer ship to date.


It has the capacity to carry two war helicopters and 8 Brahmos missiles at any instant of time  and will be equipped with the Israeli Multi Function Surveillance Threat Alert Radar making it the most Lethal Destroyer.


6. Its a mean and unforgiving machine in the battlefield.

SourceIndian Navy

All of its rocket launchers and torpedo launchers have been designed developed and manufactured by our Indian engineers and it will be armed with a 127 mm main gun.

7. Its speed will impress you and scare its enemies.

This beast is capable of achieving a speed of 30 knots (55 K MPH) and have maximum endurance of 4000 NM at economical speeds which is 4 time more than a average ship. So, imagine a cricket stadium or a 5 floor shopping complex speeding towards you at 55 K mph while are having a vacation. That’s what it looks like!!!

8. It is assigned to carry 50 officers and 250 sailors at any instance of time.



9. The most cutting edge stealth features.

The Stealth features of this warship are way better than its preceding versions. It has a transparent hull and radar deck  which will make it nearly impossible for the enemy to detect INS Visakhapatnam. Batman of warships.

10. Most expensive Indian warship ever named after the Indian Coastal City “Visakhapatnam”.



Vizag Beach Road-001SourceNavin Bahirwani / South Report

It costed approximately Rs 29,600 crore to build INS Visakhapatnam and it is named after Visakhapatnam the coastal city in Andhra Pradesh which holds the Indian Navy’s biggest base.